A Bunch of Political Ba-Heids Aim to Manipulate Gullible Scots by Deception – Political Armageddon the Agenda for Scotland



Baroness Smith, David Mundell, Catherine Smith, Michael Gove and Lord McCluskey at the launch of the centre



The Glasgow University supported John Smith Centre is an insidious development that will adversely impact upon Scottish politics.

This warning might possibly fall upon many deaf ears but it is my intention to post/repost articles that amplify and support of my concerns.

For information: amid many differences between “Old Labour” and “New Labour” is that “New Labour” is Fabian. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are Fabians.

The ultimate objective of the Fabians is to create a One World (‘Third Way’) government. This links to the “New World Order” project financed and controlled by the USA.

Fabian New Labour has developed and implemented the secretive “educational charity”, “Common Purpose”, which controls many aspects of local and mainstream politics and the media (BBC).

More on “Common Purpose” here: http://www.stopcp.com and here: http://www.cpexposed.com .

In Blair then Brown the NWO/Bilderberg movement enjoyed the guarantee that the UK government would manipulate the electorate and parliament to support their efforts without question. War and War and yet more War. All unjustified.

John Smith was a Bilderberger!!

The SNP should be alerted to the dangers of unwarranted and mischevious statements from persons with an interest in the Centre, designed to cause political instability.



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John Smith centre for public policy

The John Smith Centre Board oversees the conduct, leadership and management of the Centre and includes members of the Smith family, University of Glasgow alumni, public service practitioners and academic staff.

The Board sets the priorities; benchmarks best practice; and reviews performance to enable the Centre to achieve its aim to promote trust in politics and public service and to empower and attract more people to contribute to public life.


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The Board

Catherine Smith (Chair): Catherine is John Smith’s youngest daughter.

Professor Anne Anderson OBE: multi disciplinary educational activist.

Rt Hon Ed Balls: Was on Strictly Come Dancing. Hard right “new Labour” politician

Dr Matt Carter: Right wing “New Labour” political strategist. Tony Blair’s man.

Rt Hon Ruth Davidson MSP: Leader of the Tory party Branch Office in Scotland. What the hell drove her to join this lot??

David Muir: Ultra right wing “New Labour” strategist. Gordom Brown’s man.

The Baroness Smith of Gilmorehill: Created a peer in 1995. Long career in the secret services. Widow of Labour Party Leader the late John Smith

Andrew Wilson: A banker:From 2003 he held a number of posts at the RBS Group, including Deputy Chief Economist and through the banking crisis as Head of Group Communications.  Founder of political media company, Charlotte Street Partners.

Kezia Dugdale: Former leader of the Labour Party in Scotland has been appointed Director of the Centre.


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Tony Blair’s brutal epitaph to the career of John Smith

Blair predicted to his wife that John Smith would die prematurely and he would win the race to become the next Labour leader, not Gordon Brown.

He made the “strange” statement during a stay in a French hotel with his family in April 2004, the month before Smith suffered a fatal heart attack.

Blair woke his wife, Cherie, one morning and told her: “If John dies, I will be leader, not Gordon. And somehow, I think this will happen. I just think it will.”

Smith had suffered a previous serious heart attack in 1988 and Blair argued this was thanks to his lifestyle and, in particular, his heavy drinking.

Branding Smith a “stupendous toper”, Blair wrote: “He could drink in a way I have never seen before or since. If there was an Olympic medal for drinking, John would have contended with such superiority that after a few rounds the rest of the field would have simply shaken their heads and banished themselves from the track.”



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The Maladroit Performance of the Unionist Politicians in Scotland is Disgraceful- Scots Should Reject Them





The imposition of Welfare cuts by Westminster politicians

In the period 2002, to date, the UK welfare benefits system was subject to significant reforms.

First introduced by “New Labour”, under the auspices of Blair and Brown, the cuts were followed up by rampant Tory’s who didn’t hang about when they took up office, greatly enhancing the range, level and speed of introduction of welfare cuts regardless of the adverse impact on the health and well being of individuals most in need.

The 10 year period of austerity (2008-2018) heralded as a great triumph for British democracy, by New Labour and the Tory’s resulted in an unprecedented number of individuals having their benefit entitlement reviewed and brutally stopped resulting in them being forced to rely on charity to survive.

Much of the change disproportionately affects vulnerable individuals suffering recurring ill health and/or disability and who by result rely on welfare benefits as their main source of financial income.

It is estimated that welfare expenditure in Scotland has been reduced by a recurring annual sum in excess of £1.0 billion.

The changes impact 100,000 sickness benefit claimants, including 50,000 in receipt of disability support and approximately 85,000 households punished by the “bedroom tax” reductions.

The recent introduction of the appallingly named “rape tax” welfare restriction is yet another example of the hard line pursuit of the needy by Westminster politicians.




Post 2014 Independence Referendum Welfare Changes

The right wing Unionist supporting Scottish press, BBC (Scotland), other media outlets and Unionist politicians of the Labour, Tory and the Liberal Democratic Party’s continue to “turn their faces away” from the Scottish electorate “beating the “Lambeg drum” in support of Westminster.

Their recurring ranting includes highlighting the very limited devolved welfare powers and finance, given over to the Scottish government, by Westminster after the referendum.

Their view is that finance should be directed away from some areas of governance and given over to welfare.

But when asked to participate in discussions with government, designed to achieve the outcome they desire they refuse to get involved.

The snide behaviour of the Unionists is reprehensible but “par for the course”.

The Scottish government does provide welfare assistance, enhanced over that available to claimants in England.

But in doing so it runs the risk of being punished by the “Barnett Formula” which automatically adjusts the amounts of public expenditure allocated to Scotland reflecting changes in spending levels allocated to public services in England.

And the bloody unionist politicians in Scotland are well aware of what they are asking.

Their loyalty is not to the Scottish electorate. It is to their controllers in Westminster.

What is to be done?

The answer!! Achieve independence!!!!!