Scotland Together – The Scottish Community Channel Owned by the People of Scotland





Scotland Together – The Scottish Community Channel Owned by the People of Scotland

Fed-up with the bare faced lies and biased output of BBC Scotland and commercial television. Need a break from Jacki Bird, Sarah Smith and fat-boy Taylor?

Turn to Freeview Channel 989 or (Sky 545, Virgin333 and Freesat 67) and you can start watching “Scotland Together” –  a TV channel built by the people of Scotland.

Programming includes documentaries, political comment, current affairs and news. It also covers nature, arts & crafts, gardening and DIY.

The channel is registered as an Independent Community Benefit Society and holds charitable status.

Could this become a reality? The Community Channel has done it. Go to: ( and (

There is an abundance of media savvy people in support of an independent Scotland more than capable of getting this off the ground.. It just needs a kick start.




5 replies on “Scotland Together – The Scottish Community Channel Owned by the People of Scotland”

Truly Scottish TV is an excellent channel and should be supported. It is probably the best option for further development if it is able to expand and gain a Freeview platform. The introduction of high speed 100mbit internet will see an end to satellite television an the opportunities are there for Truly Scottish TV. I view the channels daily. Maybe a crowdfund campaign providing finance necessary for growth is the way forward.


It is just that the channel you recommend crowdfunding is backed by Sky, BBC, STV, Channel 4 and others of the same ilk and that it does not appear to be, as you state, a Scottish Community Channel owned by the Scottish people but, instead, a British Channel of which we already have more than enough.
If I am wrong about this, please explain and enlighten me.
Many thanks.


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