Crime, Sex Orgies, Politics, the Forces That Drive Westminster – Part 2 – Ultra Right Wing – Top Tory Orgy Organiser

      David Russell Walters     David Russell Walters, 44 – Tory Senior Central Office Executive and boss of anti-Europe Democracy Movement. By night, orgy master tending to guests. Looked on as four girls, one a Dutch rowing champ, pleasured each other. Fever Club parties first became notorious when senior Conservative Party strategist […]

Prince Andrew’s Female Firearms Bodyguard Provided Security at a Sex Orgy for the Rich and Famous

        Crime, Sex, Politics, the Forces That Drive Westminster. This is one of a number of articles expanding upon the participation, in one or more athletic, non-athletic, extra-curricular activities of many of the individuals identified in this article.  Many aspects of the varying reports highlight excesses and abuse of the electorate as […]