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Andrew Brown.jpgAndrew Brown   brownGordon Brown (Brother)


Andrew Brown: Studied journalism at Edinburgh University

1987: Became an assistant producer for Newsnight before joining Channel Four News two years later. He became a programme editor in 1994, and worked on scripts for the presenter Jon Snow.


BBC Newsnight


1996: Took over as the editor of ITN’s political programme Powerhouse.


'Same old, same old.'

2003: left to become the director of media strategy at Weber Shandwick, an international PR company. Colleagues described him as a “very calming, very thoughtful, very mature person with a gentle sense of humour”. David Brain, the joint chief executive of Weber Shandwick, said he was hired, “not for his links to his brother but because he is a top-quality broadcaster. I am sure that, if there were any conflicts of interest, we would find a way to resolve them.”




2004: Became the head of media relations at EDF, the French utility company. He is now the director of corporate communications. When he took the job, Andrew admitted that, “the energy industry is not something I knew much about before”. Nevertheless, he has been at the forefront of EDF’s expansion in Britain after it bought London Electricity, Sweb and Seeboard. He lives with his wife, Clare, 49, in Victoria, central London, less than half a mile from Gordon’s flat.


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2007: French energy giant EDF has been at the forefront of the campaign to change perceptions of nuclear power. The company, which operates 58 nuclear reactors in France and is already a big player in the UK electricity market, has said it is ready to invest in a new generation of plants in the UK, provided it gets the go-ahead from government. It has successfully lobbied ministers to introduce a fast-track planning process to make it easier to build new plants without lengthy public enquiries. Chancellor Gordon Brown’s brother, Andrew, is EDF’s head of media relations in the UK.


EDFEDF Atomic Energy   clare-rewcastle-brownClare Rewcastle


29. Clare Rewcastle: Is a British investigative journalist. She is married to Andrew Brown

a. Born in Sarawak to British parents (before the territory joined Malaysia) and attended the local primary school. Her mother, Karen, was a midwife who helped look after indigenous babies at remote clinics.

She moved to the United Kingdom when she was eight, attended private boarding school and subsequently obtained her masters degree in international relations from the London School of Economics.

She became a journalist, joining the BBC World Service in 1983.

She is the founder of, “Sarawak Report” and, “Radio Free Sarawak” which are openly critical of the Barisan National-led state government of Sarawak.


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