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Ferguslie Park,  Paisley, Renfrewshire

Ferguslie Park is a housing estate on the North-Western edge of Paisley. The main estate was constructed between 1926 and 1966 and has undergone substantial redevelopment over the last 15 years. Its population peaked at around 13,500 in the late 1950s but steadily declined and is now estimated to be around 5500.

The area was badly hit by the closure of traditional industries, particularly those based in Linwood in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

It was at one time rated the second most deprived council area in Scotland with result it was chosen as one of four areas under the New Life for Urban Scotland initiative in 1988.

Loadsa money has been pumped into Ferguslie over the years and it is slowly showing progress although much more needs to be done to improve council housing stock which has much reduced.








July 2006: Councillor Kelly Faces Charges of a Breach of the provisions in the Councillors Code of Conduct set out in the key principles of the Code relating to Duty, Integrity, Objectivity and Respect.

It was alleged that the respondent had contravened the Code, in particular, the key principles of the Code relating to Duty, Integrity, Objectivity and Respect.

The persons complaining including Councillor Bill Martin of Renfrewshire Council, alleged that the respondent had breached the key principles of the Code referred to above by publishing on his web-site negative views about the Mormon or Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints religion and its members.

He also alleged that the respondent (who is a Labour member) treated and referred to his fellow Councillors in an unacceptable manner.

Verdict; Techno Speak. Assuming Councillor Kelly set up his web-site and place the articles complained of on it, his action was undertaken in a private, not official capacity, and, accordingly, his actions did not fall within the scope of the provisions of the Councillors’ Code of Conduct. No further action. (Public Standards Commissioner)







January 2007: Councillor Kelly Accuses blog contributor of being nuts!!!!

You’ll never guess what wit and socialist hero Terry Kelly’s done now. Apparently he suspects me of being mentally ill. In a secure unit no less.

Whilst I suppose blogging openly about suffering from depression and stress is bound to invite the odd snide comment. I am genuinely surprised that an elected official thinks it appropriate. I wonder if he’d be so quick to make light of a physical disability.

God help anyone in his constituency with a mental health problem who approaches him for help unless of course they are after being bullied in a witless fashion.

With one in four of the Scottish population estimated to suffer from mental ill health at some point in their lives, I suppose this must include a fair number of the Kelly’s constituents.

I can’t help but wonder what they make of their obvious prejudice against those with mental health problems.

Let’s hope they take that into account when voting in May. Finally the discrimination faced by the mentally ill will not end unless challenged which is why I’d like to end by drawing your attention to this.







It’s interesting that he accuses you of ‘synthetic rage’ on behalf of the mentally ill, when most of his blog is basically a failing attempt to falsely expose the SNP as some giant homophobic conspiracy?

It’s also interesting that he accuses other political parties of hijacking issues when most if not all of his posts about L.G.B.T. equality amount to little more than Trojan horses for a vitriolic attack on the SNP?

I’ve pointed this out in a comment to him on his blog. I’ve suggested that his approach might be viewed as hypocritical. Really I’m posting this here so as to make sure it sees the light of day. Sorry to hijack your post and all, but I thought it was worth saying.


This confirms my suspicions: The Hearing Panel considered that further to the accepted breaches of the Councillors’ Code of Conduct by the Councillor Kelly that:-

it is wholly inappropriate for any Councillor to approach any member of the public in a “threatening and intimidating manner” – regardless of the provocation;

that Councillor Kelly’s conduct was, as narrated in the joint Statement of Facts, “inappropriate, improper and unacceptable”;

that Councillor Kelly’s conduct has adversely affected the good standing of Local Government and Renfrewshire Council in particular; and

that the actions of Councillor Kelly’s, as accepted by him, strike at the root of the obligation of leadership of any Councillor, and further that his behaviour was wholly inappropriate and contrary to the behaviour that the Chair, fellow Councillors, Council Employees and any members of the public are entitled to expect in the Council Chamber.








February 2007: Terry Kelly:The greatest argument against representative democracy

Scottish bloggers continue, even after all these weeks, to read Councillor Terry Kelly’s blog with astonishment. If anybody wants to know what I mean when I say parts of Scotland are just one massive rotten borough, just take a look at this incredible blog and remember that a plurality of voters actually elected this man.

Kelly’s only support in the blogosphere appears to come from his own daughter, Rayleen Kelly. Ms Kelly’s latest post slams Blogging Bullies. Which is quite funny given that a couple of months back she called Martin Kelly and David Farrer “madmen” under the heading “People are Strange” and implied that they actually needed psychological help.

Kelly also likes to imply that people are mentally ill — simply in disagreeing with his viewpoint. It is this pious attitude that really pisses people off about Labour.

The Kelly clan’s blogs give off that familiar air, the claim that Labour is the only party worth supporting — But they never actually manage to explain their reasoning resorting instead to personal attacks and bullying.

Another bent of Kelly’s is to accuse the SNP of being homophobic — a claim which takes a lot of brass neck for a supporter of a party that put Ruth Kelly in charge of equality. And not very sensible when one of the Scottish blogosphere biggest voices is an SNP member who happens to be gay. It really is time people like this were booted out of office.







May 2007: Councillor Kelly unhappy and comments – Post Scottish elections the SNP & Lib/Dem Parties agree to form Renfrewshire Administration

Renfrewshire now has a new administration, a pact has been formed between the SNP who were second behind Labour in the popular vote and the Lib-Dem’s who were last behind Labour, SNP and Tory in that order.

Labour attempted to agree a deal with the Lib-Dem’s but failed. Cllr. Kelly commented: “the SNP offered more than us, the Lib-Dem leader Cllr. Eileen McCartin has now been bought and paid for, the Lib-Dem’s. remind me of the great comedy actress Margaret DuMont, who was asked if she would bestow a kiss on Groucho Marx for money, her outraged reply was “what kind of woman do you think I am?  Groucho replied  “we’ve already established what kind of woman you are, now we’re haggling about your price.”  He went on “this is the reality of P.R. it’s meant to be a better, more democratic system, the Lib-Dem’s have just formed an administration with less than 10 % of the vote is there a political prize anywhere for breathtaking hypocrisy? Meanwhile Scotland takes a step backwards, at a time when the world needs more integration and cooperation, Scotland takes a regressive slide into parochialism. (


Brian: Looks like bitterness to me, Terry. A spell on the sidelines might do you good. I agree with your claim that “the world needs more integration and cooperation”, but having read your blog, you don’t really seem to be the cooperating type.

Anonymous: How did you work that one out Terry? Labour and SNP achieved the same number of seats (17 each). there is no other order after that to my knowledge, therefore one did not come behind the other. Please correct your statement. Also you need to buy yourself some sweeter grapes this weekend pal.





6. May 2009;  Labour reshuffle dodgy team of Councillors

Labour this week have finally taken the decision to distance themselves from one of their crooked Councillor, Tommy Williams. As reported on another blog the Labour party was informed by their own members, (over twenty years ago) what this man was up to and yet in all of that time they did nothing.

It was from these events the term “phantom worker” originated and begs the question: ” if the Labour party knew this was going on and did nothing about it then who was actually benefiting from the scam? Was it Councillor Williams himself or the Labour party? Councillor Williams was “employed” with the Social Work at Glasgow Council for over twenty years for which he was paid a full salary. But he was never there.

This also begs the question how many other “phantom workers” are there? The Audit Commission recently revealed that Renfrewshire Council did not know how many workers they have (or how many council houses they own) and that they could be paying out wages to workers who no longer work for them. If this was going on in both Renfrewshire and Glasgow, both Labour councils at the time, then how many other councils was it going on in and who was benefiting?

Councillor Iain McMillan, leader of the Labour Group on Renfrewshire Council, wants Councillor Williams to be considered as an Independent member from now on, and is happy for Councillor Kelly to take the place of his friend on the Leadership Board.

Funny!! There was no leadership when Councillor Kelly was Chairman of the Scrutiny Board when it came to expenses, he was blind to Councillor Williams working full time for Glasgow Council whilst claiming for and working full-time for Renfrewshire Council. Same applies to Councillor Mark McMillan and ex-wife Barbara Adams, working full-time for Irene Adams MP and yet claiming extravagant expenses for working full-time as Councillors. And these are just a couple of examples. Yet Councillor Kelly somehow managed to avoid doing his job and properly scrutinise the claims of subordinate workers.





May 2009; This expenses farce is not just about the last four years!

Many out there may be disgusted and angry about MP’s expenses swindles being revealed through the Press this is not new. The practices have been on going for much longer than the last four years. The scams is best measured in decades and what is being revealed is just the tip of the iceberg. And it is not only the MP’s that have been fleecing their constituents and tax-payers, local government Councillors that have been at it.

The fact is the Westminster government, the Scottish government, the Lord Advocate knows it and they have all been sitting on it, trying to bury it and hoping it will go away. The Procurator Fiscal has been sitting on the fraud cases committed by the Renfrewshire councillors, for a few years now and yet still no sign of justice for the people of Renfrewshire.

An example of just how long fraudulent claims have been submitted is detailed in a press report: (

Her maiden speech on the issue of the West Lothian question in February 2006 was to be her first and last contribution to the cut and thrust of repartee in the Lords chamber. However, Labour’s Lady Adams, who as Irene Adams represented the constituency of Paisley north for 15 years from 1990, was the second most expensive peer in the Lords last year, charging £66,896, including £30,212 for overnight accommodation.In each of the financial years 2007/8 and 2006/7 the peer claimed in excess of £60,000. Her claims for the last nine months of 2005/6 were £38,000, having joined the House in June 2005, seven weeks after bowing out of the Commons at that year’s general election.The then-Mrs Adams was first elected to Parliament in a by-election following the sudden death of her husband, Allen, who had represented the seat for 11 years.

She paid her daughter and former son-in-law, both Labour councillors, to work in her constituency office. Mrs Adams continues to live in Paisley, in a luxury flat in a converted mill, charging £11,916 last year to travel to and from Scotland and Westminster.  Records show that Lady Adams attended the Lords on 143 days – catching the eye of the clerk in order to claim £12,142 in daily subsistence on top of her overnight allowances. She also received £13,526 to run an office. She took part in 318 votes, but did not speak in any debates.

Her silence will have come as a disappointment to her fellow peers. Following her “powerful” maiden speech nearly four years ago, lords praised her “attractive” Scottish accent and said that they looked forward to hearing from her in future debates. Lord Wakeham, a Conservative peer, told her: “It indicates that her contributions on many other subjects will be much appreciated by all of us in this House.”

In interview with her local paper just before she took up her peerage, the then Mrs Adams said: ‘It is a great honour, not that I have ever held the House of Lords in great esteem.“ But I will have more time to get involved, because an enormous part of the job of an MP is dealing with constituents. “I have had a great career and there is plenty more to come. I will make the most of being in the Lords.“I was hoping I wouldn’t have to campaign about anything any-more, but I can’t help it.”



Ronnie BurnsAdams





May 2010; George Laird of the Blog; The Glasgow University Campaign For Human Rights – Is An SNP Fantasist and The Organisation He Links himself With Does Not Exist

The above mentioned person wrote to me a couple of times and took me to task in a rather insolent way and I confess it didn’t register; he made some malevolent remarks and again it didn’t register; he was obviously a narrow-minded supporter of the SNP and a hater of Labour and in due course it sunk in, I got there eventually. I asked myself some questions after a while noting that this guy was about as subtle as a rubber cosh; definitely a bit loosely wrapped and politically very partisan so, I asked myself what the hell has happened to standards at Glasgow University?

Being an inquisitive sort of guy and always ready and willing to take on the SNP fools and thugs I decided to make enquiries and; after moving around several departments at the University I was called back by a charming woman who was quite prominent in the Public Affairs and Publicity Department. When I started to tell her my story she interrupted me and said “what is this man’s name” when I said “George Laird” I was met with an outburst of barely suppressed laughter and the forceful statement that “Mr. Laird has nothing whatever to do with Glasgow University and you are only one of many who have called to ask about him. All seeking reassurance that the University had not suffered a collective breakdown and lost its collective senses.

So folks here we have a nationalist (what else) who is speciously claiming to have an association with Glasgow University and, writing to me and others as well as the press in a way which makes him feel important and suggesting that the Glasgow University campaign for human rights; is sympathetic to the SNP and hostile to Labour. Except of course that the organisation does not exist and he is a Walter Mitty character with a malicious streak who is not known to the University. I get the sense though that his anonymity might not last much longer. Glasgow University is a world famous centre of learning with a proud history and it has a big reputation to protect; while this fantasist and the SNP have none.





Arris Tauthil: 

You make allegations that Mr Laird is an SNP Supporter. At the time he set the blog up, he did state that, “The blog is Pro-independence. I support the work the SNP Scottish Government does in helping making Scotland fairer and a better place to live.” Seemingly though, when the SNP did actually gain office, and then failed to live up to Mr Laird’s expectations, he subjected the Party to the same critical examination and exposure as he had done to Labour and others previously.

Over time however his position has changed, as can be gleaned from his many posts critical of politicians of ALL political parties, who may guilty of hypocrisy, or have underperformed, or deceived the public in some fashion. You need to read the first entry on Mr Laird’s blog, where the entire raison d’etre is explained. It seems to me that, though originally a partisan blog, which was set up to deal with the single issue which Mr Laird describes in his first blog post, the blog has now become a beacon which draws attention to the foibles and pitfalls in Scottish politics.





May 2010; George Laird on his blog, (The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University) incurs Wrath of Terry Kelly Labour Party Councillor for Paisley,

George wrote; They say you are not truly famous until someone writes about you. I am the subject of a post by Labour Councillor Terry Kelly. He calls himself a ‘socialist’ but is more like the Hugo Chav of Paisley. As the ‘Labour Champion’ he has seen fit to have a pop at me. So, fame at last. His stock in trade is to call people who argue with him liars and on occasion racists, a term he uses to describe people who support the Scottish National Party.

He also likes to call people fools and thugs. Women, he calls ‘thick’. He proves beyond a shadow of doubt that any numb nut can stand and get elected to be a politician. Take the time to visit his website, read the posts and also the comments. You will see; he is a complete warmer!






Oh and Kelly got suspended as a Councillor for being a dobber. He is called the ‘dobber of ward 4’ in Paisley because he hangs about looking limp.


I think it’s fairly self-evident that Terry is a fruitcake. His delusional nature prompts him often to claim his blog has huge support. Now, in examining that claim, and bearing in mind that Tel uses editorial control to decide whether a post is published or not, the relatively small number of supporting posts would suggest that in fact most readers of his blog are well aware that he is a pompous balloon. I’ve been Terry watching on and off for around three years. His bigotry is legendary.

Kelly became obsessed with making sure our rugby club would not be allowed a move to a council controlled property on the basis that rugby is an elitist sport, and of course he crowed long and loud when ‘your local football club’, St. Mirren ( a private company) gained control of the same ground. He lied repeatedly during the public airing of this issue. The man has no scruples whatsoever, and if I had my way, he would never be allowed to hold public office. However, the good burghers of Ferguslie Park think the sun shines out of his substantial a**e.  There’s no accounting for tastes.



Scottish-referendum 45





September 2010; The Trials of Councillor Williams

Just over a week ago I went to Paisley Sheriff Court to see the latest pre-hearing for the fraud case involving the now ex-Labour Councillor Tommy Williams. Councillor Terry Kelly was also there with Councillor Williams – both employed by the tax-payers I might add!

Now Tommy Williams had been a phantom worker for the last twenty odd years for Glasgow Council Social Work on about £30,000 per year whilst working full time for Renfrewshire Council as a Councillor. The Labour party have known all this time about this situation with regard to Councillor Williams as it was reported to them by other members decades ago and they did nothing about it. Did they gain from this and who is paying for Councillor Williams QC?

It appears Councillor Williams likes wasting tax-payers money as, not only has he pleaded not guilty six times but, seemingly he has asked the court six times for the case to be carried over asking for extra time, one of these because his daughter was graduating, and has now lost the services of one QC because of his ignoring of his advice. Apparently the Sheriff was getting a little impatient at Councillor Williams time-wasting games!

Now you would think that most people would be raging at someone who has ripped off pensioners, patients, tax-payers etc of hundreds of thousands of pounds but no – it seems that Councillor Terry Kelly was there to support Councillor Williams rather than his electorate as he was huddled up deep in conversation with him for most of the day. Anyone who has voted for these two Labour Councillors then this just shows the contempt they hold for you!

Update; Councillor Tommy Williams is to appear again at Paisley Sheriff Court on the 5th October 2010 for a 7th diet hearing where he will have a 7th opportunity to confirm his not-guilty plea. The trial will be on the 18th October 2010 and with 31 witnesses is expected to last about four days. Hopefully justice will prevail for the people!







Comments ;

Anonymous:  I am shocked to the core, Mr Williams was supposed to have worked for Glasgow City Council’s Social Work Dept, my Mother was scheduled to have had a visit from him, he never ever showed up, I phoned the Pollok office a number of times. When I mentioned his name the phone would go quiet, I asked “is Mr Williams available” the answer ” well we are not supposed to talk about this, I can’t say.” What sort of council is Glasgow City, Does Mr Williams work for Glasgow City Council or was he working full time for Renfrewshire Council?

Bill:  Would not surprise me what you say. From what I have been told people were phoning the same place as you say and the people there did not even know who Tommy Williams was or that there was no one working there with that name. Then again he was claiming for being at Renfrewshire Council full time with documentary proof.








October 2010: Councillor Williams Is Guilty Of Defrauding The Tax-payers. He admitted He did, So why are they continuing to waste more tax-payers money On the rest of this farce?

Been at Paisley Sheriff Court for this last week to follow the Councillor Tommy Williams fraud case as per the last post and it is amazing that this case looks as if it might go on for another week. You see Williams has admitted putting in time-sheets to Glasgow Council claiming to have been at work when in fact he never was.

The crook has come up with the claim that because of the pressure he came under being a Councillor, Deputy Leader of the Council and Convener, that is what drove him to commit the fraud – He disgracefully tries to claim that his superiors agreed to this to enable him to keep up his Pension Credits that he feared losing if he gave up his job – even though they denied this and said that they had no power to do so.

This is a huge red-herring firstly because Councillors do very little work anyway – even with convener-ships etc also with the c£30,000 per year he was getting from Renfrewshire Council plus the thousands he was getting from the Health Board he could easily pay for his own Pension Credits

The proof of my point about Councillors doing very little work was at the court all this week in Councillor Terry Kelly being there in support of his crooked friend Williams and to commiserate with him for his failure to adequately defend him at his Disciplinary Hearing when he was sacked from Glasgow Council.

Now witnesses saw Councillor Kelly point and say that it was Mr Tom Gatley’s fault that Councillor Williams was in court because it was he who reported him for committing fraud. Who is the ones sticking up for the tax-payers and constituents – It is certainly not any of these two Councillors . The person committing the fraud is the one to blame and no one else.

Councillor Williams and his defence claim that he has never tried to hide the fact that he was working full-time at Renfrewshire Council and at Glasgow Social Work which is a big lie as every time he thought he was under investigation he would remove the fact that he was employed at Glasgow Council from his declaration of interests on his Renfrewshire Council web page and then put it back on again when he thought it was safe to do so. Was this because Councillor Williams denied three times that he was employed by Glasgow City Council in the Social Work Department when questioned by a Sunday Mail reporter?

Mr Tom Gatley made an excellent quote in the Sunday Mail regarding this by saying “Councillor Williams defied not only the law of the land, but also the law of Physics by being in two places at one time”.

Strangely it has been said that Councillor Williams wife could not give evidence at this trial and yet it seems she is well enough to attend the court to witness the proceedings – a picky illness indeed! Ah well, seemingly Councillor Williams has implied that if he goes down for this crime then he is going to take others down with him all the way up to his teacher and mentor Irene Adams. One wonders if any of these people are going to be some of the machinates about to be exposed in:








Anonymous: “You cannot fight the Labour party”. Councillor Williams defence, appears, to rely upon whether he had an arrangement in place with his direct line manager Raymond Bell. Mr Bell denied this in court. Fact I was there. In court today Wed/03/Nov we heard from a Jim Callahan who was the group work (practice) manager in which Councillor Tommy Williams was a member of his team within Glasgow Social Work. Mr Callahan refused to sign Councillor Williams’s pay roll time sheets due to absolutely no hours being worked by Councillor Williams.

At a meeting between Callahan and Bell the two managers, Mr Bell’s reason to Mr Callahan when the issue was brought up is as quoted “you cannot fight the labour party”. No more was elaborated on from the statement. No more questions from the Procurator Fiscal.

The term went down like a lead balloon. Why? Well we all know that the politicians have been stealing our money for years and the system always states it is not in the public interest to prosecute. If someone was stealing our money how can any sane person tell you it is not in YOUR interest, to crave satisfaction, in full?

The answer given to Mr Callahan was extraordinary! Mr Bell claims there was no arrangement with Williams . Mr Callahan was angry at a wage, for a much needed social worker, being paid to a person without there being any service provided. In short he was pleading for a much needed worker, required to help the vulnerable children/families the department was set up to help at great cost to taxpayers.

Mr Bell in stating,” You can’t fight the Labour Party” was explaining to his college that Mr Williams was a Labour Councillor and it was unwise and impossible to highlight this fraudulent action by one of the ruling Labour Party Members. We all know what happens to (Whistle Blowers) don’t we?

Mr Williams spilled the beans in court, by stating, “He spoke to many councillors at conventions who had similar arrangements”. Well regardless Councillor Williams, you took money from the peoples purse, money collected from our taxes, and lined your own pockets. Your claim of worrying about your pension would be laughable if we were not all so sore from the effects of the economy. Corrupt politicians, who in the main come up with useless fiscal developments costing the tax payer money so they can skim, cream, blatantly steal our money whilst providing a shambles of a service. There are less and less Politicians who are honest, morale and blessed with some integrity. Unless the politicians are held to account we will never recover. Many a sound business floundered due to ignoring petty theft, it never stops there. Does it?

The Jury I am sure will have the common sense to convict. You see the truth is, the Crown have dumped a fraud case against an ex high ranking Deputy Leader of the Renfrewshire Labour Party on a fresh faced Procurator Fiscal, who we are told had ten days to learn her case and be prepared for trial, against not only an experienced QC, but Sheriff Spy appears to be hostile to the (young, pretty) Procurator Fiscal.

Why did the other 2/3 handling fiscal’s refused to try this case. Simple answer is that it would be the death of their career. Remember, if you have an ethical or a criminal issue to highlight with the way Labour do business, watch your back. If you intend to make noises about it, or even try going public, no main stream paper will print political wrong doing unless it is a shitty we line at the back of a publication.

Mr Williams provided false time sheets and you took money in the form of wages from the People of Glasgow and provided no service for it that is fraud. Not so pure, albeit Simple to understand.





November 2010: Update:

After (four long and very expensive to the taxpayer) years investigating corruption within Renfrewshire District Council, retired businessman Tom Gatley who lodged the complaint is fully vindicated. But his success is stained by the verdict of the court which, whilst accepting £26,500 of taxpayers’ cash was scammed by the Councillor allowed Williams to walk free on a technicality.

Williams admitted pocketing wages as a Glasgow City Council social worker for three years – despite not doing any work – while also claiming expenses as a Renfrewshire Councillor. Williams, 58, got a not proven verdict on a fraud rap after claiming his boss Raymond Bell sanctioned his bogus wages.

The Councillor – nicknamed the Time Lord for defying the laws of physics by being in two places at once – was forced to repay the cash. Retired businessman Tom Gatley, who exposed the scam four years ago, said:  “This Councillor has walked free despite admitting dishonestly obtaining tens of thousands of pounds from taxpayers.  “His defence was that he took the money but a big boy told him that it was OK, so that makes it alright.

I don’t think that justice was done.”  Williams was among five Renfrewshire Councillors’ exposed by the Sunday Mail four years ago.








February 2013:  The infamous Facebook rant.

You could read this and it will take 20 minutes, but please be aware this is 20 minutes of your life you won’t get back. I attended an independence debate at the University of the West of Scotland and Terry was present… but he refused to remain quiet.

A psychologist reviewed the article and reported; Terry Kelly’s insistence in always having the last word “arises from early childhood or past misunderstandings where one feels they were not able to get their point across to a degree which allowed their words to be fully accepted, understood and/or agreed to.

This results in the person then desiring to have a sense of control over future conversations, debates or arguments and makes it very difficult for them to ‘let it go’ until they are able to reach, what they consider to be, a satisfactory closure point.

They are usually at heart unsure of their own worth, and so need to establish dominance by having the last word. It is like the final stroke of a sword in a battle.”….”Either he genuinely believes the nonsense he writes or he is writing in a tired, emotional state.”







June 2013: Controversial Councillor Kelly a Liability?

Kelly is a Labour Councillor for Ward 4 Paisley North West, and convener of Renfrewshire’s Planning and Economic Development Policy Board. The Paisley Daily Express once described him as ‘outspoken’. There are other online references to Kelly which are less kind. I entered – “terry kelly” Councillor – into Google and there were over 9,140 hits, which is quite a lot for a Councillor, so there’s obviously something going on.

The Standards Commission for Scotland once suspended Kelly for calling an SNP member and fellow Councillor a “village idiot” during a council meeting. I wonder if this man, considering how much he is disliked, is not perhaps a liability to the Scottish Labour Party? Does 21st century Scottish politics really need someone causing so much friction? He seems to say a lot (and very loudly too), but what does he achieve, apart from making enemies?

I have only met this gentleman once, and I didn’t leave feeling at all enamoured with him. Based on his last two election results, his votes dropped from 1,671 in 2007 to 1,349 in 2012 (that’s a drop of 20%) – and that was an election which saw a marked swing away from the SNP and towards Labour. There’s obviously something going on.







July 2014: Maryhill Food Bank Experience Mocked by Councillor Kelly

Demonstrating his caring side he provided evidence of exactly what kind of socialist he was when someone commented on his blog with this quote, taken from an interview with someone who works at the Maryhill Food Bank, which appeared in the Evening Times;

“I have worked in social work for 20 years, so I am pretty hardened but we had a family come in on a Tuesday at 3pm having not eaten since the ­previous Friday. There had been a problem with benefits and because it was a Bank Holiday weekend the mum had no money for food for her or her two children. I watched the mum pick up and put down can after can, wondering what she doing, before I realised she was looking for one with a ring pull. She ripped the top off and starting eating the beans with her hands, she was so hungry. At that point I had to go to the toilets and have a cry.

Clearly moved, the Councillor commented;

“what a terrible story, a woman and her 2 children going without food for 4 days, did they have to walk several miles in their bare feet through howling winds and driving rain to get there as well?. No wonder you prefer anonymity, what a crock of bulldung.

If your social worker with 20 years experience actually exists, you should ask her what caused this catastrophic breakdown in the social work system which has provision to make sure that such an incident could not happen. Hyperbole is difficult to avoid when you are an idiot.”

When the poster responded, citing the source of the quote, the Councillor stuck steadfastly to his faecal based defence;

“I don’t care if you read it in the fecking Bible, it’s a crock of s**t and you are an idiot.”

We’ve covered the scandalous growth in demand for food banks before and while there are no official statistics for food bank use in Scotland, the largest provider of food aid, the Trussell Trust, gave out 71,428 food parcels to Scots in 2013 and the Scottish Parliament’s Welfare Reform Committee said last week that food bank use may have risen by as much as 400% in the last year. The committee (and everyone else) blame the relentless attacks on the unemployed, the vulnerable and the disabled being carried out by the Westminster Government. But your local Labour representative thinks that’s all a crock of shit made up by idiots.

On the rare instances he documents his attendance at council meetings, it’s usually to tell us about the dastardly Renfrewshire SNP doing things like waking him up when he’s trying to sleep in the chamber and wasting his precious time by discussing how to best support children who’re struggling to balance their education with their role as carers for their families.

Stating that Mr. Kelly is a wanker may not send earthquakes through the corridors of power, even the slightly dank ones at Renfrewshire Council but the Councillor Kelly’s of our local politics have been hiding in plan sight for too long.

He may be a much more rounded satirical character and a more damning indictment of Scottish Labour and its “unique” brand of socialism than anything we could invent but the arrogance, denial and downright derision directed at those who’ve been shoved below the breadline by the political class is no laughing matter.






July 2014:  Councillor Kelly  – The Man with his feet in two camps

There is a strong suspicion that Councillor Kelly is a closet Socialist, despite his support for Blair’s Government, his support of the selling off of council housing to a private limited company and his latest aberration, the stigmatizing of a food-bank user who dared to criticise the policies of the Cameron government.

Still, on his blog, he claims to be a socialist. How can this be? The Councillor runs the most vile, hate-filled blog it has been my misfortune to read. It is filled with spiteful venom and really obnoxious, and often has a special place for the Socialists. But Terry claims to be a socialist and although I do not know him personally, I’m told by those who do that he’s ‘OK’. So it’s difficult to believe that a vile hate-filled, spiteful, venomous, obnoxious person could charm the voters, could they ? Unless they were modelled on Blair.

I believe the explanation is that Kelly is reacting to his own shame at allowing his own Socialism to be sold down the river for a place at the council table and a pay of around £460 per week. But he says he’s a socialist and how could anyone think one of Tony Blair’s New Labour people would tell a lie ? I mean, I’m sure that if they live long enough, maybe four or five hundred years, Tony Robinson and the Time Team will find those weapons of mass destruction, right ?

So he embraces all of the Tory policies with enthusiasm, attacking food-bank users, manipulating Renfrewshire’s assets for tax avoidance and promoting big business at the Brae-head Shopping Development. He gets into bed with Cameron’s Tories to fight against independence with more vitriol than the Tories themselves. Nothing is too right wing for Kelly,  he has to do it to cover up his embarrassment and shame at having sold his Socialism for a paltry portion of silver and a small sliver of power.

Ashamed of his own cowardice he has to try to be a bully, but he’s not scary enough. That he has to be obnoxious, and to lose all respect among decent people is a very small price to pay when you have already committed the major act of betrayal of your community and working class heritage, and you can always pass off anger at yourself as strong commitment to principle if you are loud enough.

And as for the real Socialists, he hates them worst, because they are a constant reminder to him of his shame and betrayal. They are the open sore that just wont heal, they wont go away no matter what he does. They haunt him like a bad dream of what he believes but dare not admit because were he to come out of the closet as a socialist by action rather than just words then his leader, Councillor McMillan, would dispense with the services of his court jester as quickly as you can say Gulf War, and then he’s off the gravy train.








17. March 2015: Labour Councillor Terry Kelly “in the dug house” amid claims he made offensive remarks about social workers.

Controversial councillor Terry Kelly sparked a row after claiming on Facebook that he wouldn’t let some social workers “look after my dug.’” The member for Paisley North West is now facing calls for him to be sacked over the remarks which were made during an online row with an SNP supporter.

Iain Nicolson, SNP leader at Labour-run Renfrewshire Council, said Councillor Kelly should be disciplined for the outburst. Councillor Nicolson said: “Labour councillor Terry Kelly and his offensive remarks regarding social workers are to be condemned. “To state on a public forum that ‘I am retired and I know a lot of social workers who I would not leave to look after my dug’ is a disgraceful comment from someone who is paid handsomely by the local authority. “Councillors have a legal obligation of care with regard to child safety, vulnerable adults and protection. “Councillor Kelly clearly stated that he knew ‘a lot’ of social workers who are unfit to watch his dogs. “He should name them in order that the council can protect vulnerable children. “If he hasn’t, then that is a complete failing of his duty of care which councillors have with regard to our roles in ensuring public safety.”

He added that Councillor Kelly was “smearing social workers” and that he still draws a £24,000-a-year salary as a senior councillor in Renfrewshire’s Labour administration, as well as being a member of the council’s leadership board, despite being retired. He said: “Smearing social workers in this way is completely irresponsible and is not the type of leadership expected. “He clearly has complete disdain for hundreds of council employees who are social workers. “They do a very difficult job on a full day week, often work out of hours and weekends protecting Renfrewshire’s children and on less money that he is happy to lift during his ‘retirement’. “Councillor Kelly should be called to account for his comments and Labour leader Mark Macmillan should show leadership by sacking him from his position of responsibility.”




Labour Suspends Paisley Councillor Over Israel Blog Posts

Renfrewshire Council said Kelly had not been suspended as a councillor, but said he could not serve on boards or committees he attends as a party representative while he is suspended by Labour.  A spokesperson for Renfrewshire Council’s SNP group said Mr Kelly’s conduct was “proof that Labour are not fit to govern”.

“Councillor Kelly has made clear many times on social media his support for the view of the Iranian leadership that Israel has no right to exist, this denies the voice of the Israeli peace movement and progressive voices that want a change of policy on the Palestinian question,” the spokesperson said.

“Councillor Kelly was a Militant supporter in the 1980s, and comes from the same hard left stable as Jeremy Corbyn. Labour is simply unelectable these days, and this is proof.”

A spokesman for Scottish Labour said: “Terry Kelly has been suspended from the Labour Party pending an investigation.”





July 2016: Kelly reinstated to the labour party

A Scottish Labour councillor suspended from the party over a series of posts on his blog about Zionism and Israel has been reinstated. It came after he wrote strongly in defence of former London mayor Ken Livingston, who was suspended from the party for making comments about Hitler.





4 thoughts on “Renfrewshire District Council – Jobs And Perks For The Chosen Ones – Councillor Kelly & His Labour Party Associates

  1. Terry Kelly was the infamous “Baffled” on the old Herald blogs of about 6 or 7 years ago.

    Baffled he truly was and he was abused pretty mercilessly by the few of us in those days who were active bloggers. Conan was active on the Scotsman but I and a few names who have long gone, including Mark MacLachlan, who was hounded out of his job with Mike Russel for criticising Jim Murphy online used to inhabit the Herald. Eventually the Herald closed down the comments section and we were all homeless.

    Kelly was an imbecile then and no doubt still is. His daughter used to come on the blogs in defence of her Dad.


  2. Boris I love reading your posts and have just noticed this on WINGS , unfortunately I live in Paisley and have had to put up with the scourge of liebour , I just received an electoral leaflet through the door and guess who is on it, non other than the illustrious ( in his mind ) mr williams , some people have brass balls or does he just think we are all TOO STUPID or have short memories , the joke is , on one side of the leaflet his name is TOMMY WILLIAMS and on the other side it is TOMMY WILLIMAS , does that mean he is trying to disguise who he is ( impossible ) or is it just the normal incompetence we have come to expect from liebour

    I don’t want to denigrate the good people of Paisley but WTF is it going to take , before people waken up to what these people are doing to them , their inability to feel shame only highlights the contempt they feel for their electorate . Renfrewshire councils administration needs a good kick up the arse , their attitude to their customers and council tax payers is atrocious , their whole demeanour is one of contempt ingrained through years of a feeling of being untouchable and protected

    I lived in Glasgow most of my life and worked for GCC , I am well aware of what went on re GCC admin , the level of graft and corruption was and is legendary , unfortunately this was ignored and condoned by people who were supposed to protect citizens , hopefully Scotland will AWAKEN and consign the parasitical and corrupt liebour party and cohorts to the bin , followed by MANY criminal charges to hold these self serving wastrels to account


  3. I lived in the Calton for many a year and empathise with you. I was always told that the labour Party was the party of the oppressed and went along with it for a time. But the advent of television opened my eyes to other ways of living Hawai Five O comes to mind. Sun sea and Sangria I left home and travelled the world. Many years later I returned to Glasgow and discovered the same old system remained in place The people of the Calton still lived in abject poverty lorded over by the labour party. This time I have the strong feeling change is in the air.


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