Scottish Referendum

Brown the Patriot-How He Won It For the Unionists

Brown the Patriot-How He Won It For the Unionists

Brown’s personality combining authority and passionate moral outrage singled him out as a serious figure in the Commons and potential high-flyer in the Party. His oratory is relentlessness and delivered in an overpowering, lecturing or hectoring style leaving his audience in no doubt that they are in the company of a man who basks in the confidence of knowing he possesses an intelligence much greater than anyone present and in terms of the matters being discussed there is nobody that knows more about them than himself. The observer is confronted with a man whom nobody knows. In guarding his real persona with the zeal of a minister of the church, affording only very brief glimpses of his personality, he reveals him self to be a shy, hyper-sensitive, well educated man who overcomes an obvious reluctance to embrace the public by behaving like a military General, overcoming his foe with extreme force destroying anyone who gets in his way. Not a mix destined for success in high office.
Brown Returns to Scotland and grasps the Nettle

Gordon Brown hailed as the man who saved the Union

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