Scottish Referendum

Attack of the Unionists in Glasgow Disturbances

Attack of the Unionists in Glasgow Disturbances

Unionist supporters attack independence supporters in Glasgow

Live at Buchanan Street Unionists Attack Yes Supporters

Singing ‘Rule Britannia’, the supporters of the No campaign set off red coloured fire crackers and waved Union Jack flags

police officers tried to rescue ‘Yes’ supporters from the UK nationalists on George Square

There were arrests after police lost control of pro-Union supporters who gathered in George Square following the independence result on Friday.

ONE day after Scotland voted to stay in the United Kingdom, British nationalists have taken to the streets of Glasgow to celebrate their victory

Video posted by an emotionally drained Gillian. I am totally shattered after the NO vote this morning and it has been emotional. The people rioting in Glasgow should be ashamed of themselves!!

After-note in support of Gillian.
Stay strong Gillian…it’s extremely difficult and challenging during such a life changing event that was out of our hands from day one. Go about your business civilly, peacefully and with a huge amount of self pride and belief as a free consciously engaged spirit. Peace!

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