Scottish Referendum

Glasgow District Council -corruption, cronyism, scandal and waste,

Labour run Glasgow City Council seems to have a problem with corruption, cronyism, scandal and waste, whereby by a remote and out of touch self serving elite, yes, both Councillors & Officials, together run the city as there own private thiefdom, at the expense of the people of Glasgow.It is a shocking state of affairs, which shows the problem of one party rule. The Labour Party has controlled Glasgow almost uninterrupted, since 1933.

It is understood senior Labour figures were told of Purcell’s drink and drug use, but said nothing in public while Mr Purcell’s outside PR team tried to keep a lid on one of the biggest political scandals in years.

What can be done to help restore the public’s faith in Glasgow City Council? The Labour administration in Glasgow seems resolute in its denial that there are question marks over any aspect of the way the council was run under Purcell, rejecting calls for an independent inquiry. But still the questions remain, with every round of Sunday newspapers bringing new issues to light. There is growing concern amongst those calling for an investigation that the longer it is put off, the less confidence residents of Glasgow will have in their council.

The Clyde Gateway: A New Urban Frontier. “From the late 60’s onwards, Glasgow became a jungle into which the media fearlessly ventured to portray the wild animals.” “The Labour Party is presiding over a policy that has effectively abandoned the city to speculators and hustlers.” Sean Damer.

Purcell, Stefan King, James Mortimer, Brian Dempsey, Willie Haughey The corruption of Glasgow – One party dominance has bred utter corruption and dismally low aspirations unless someone else is paying. This is not news to anyone who has been awake in Glasgow in the last 50 years..

Ian Gray hides in cafe to escape people protesting against cuts

Gordon Brown plotter supreme secret Meetings with Lib/Dems to bring Salmond down.


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