Scottish Referendum

Liar Liar – Not the Movie Just John Reid, (the baron)

Baron John Reid, man of principle or Just a wee liar, history judges him to be the latter- his legacy to his constituents is, “see you suckers”. I witnessed his speech and noted the bulk of those in attendance were from places other than that which he claimed to represent. Most were not even from Glasgow or the West of Scotland. Talk about rent an audience. This was it in spades.

John Reid, (Sorry Baron Reid, he took the ermin) represented for many a year an area of Glasgow which suffered the worst social deprivation, lowest life expectancy and highest infant mortality in the developed world, not a lot was done in his time in office or since, (under the stewardship of his successor) to improve matters.

Set against these damming facts is that the Labour Party and John Reid knew full well, (for the last 40 year’s) that Scotland had massive oil and gas wealth and that the Scottish people were being conned and lied too for decades.

I wondered at his behaviour and the justification of it then remembered the Labour party creed allows the sacrifice of the electorate for perceived good of the bigger picture of the Labour Party and it’s manifesto.

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