Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling Architects of the UK financial crisis of 2007

Various reports seeking to identify and analyse events contributing to the financial crisis in the UK of 2007-8, said, with clarity that the financial collapse was entirely avoidable. The, “billionaire bankers of finance” and the UK Treasury charged with stewardship of our financial systems had persistently ignored warnings and declined to raise questions so that they would be able to better understand, and effectively manage ever growing risks within the financial markets thereby protecting the UK public.

That the, “billionaire bankers of finance” suffered nothing in consequence of their actions is now part of the history of the crisis, and has lead the UK public to the belief that the rich are beyond punishment but the man in the street is fair game. Indeed recent changes in taxation now provide Inland Revenue with legal, direct access and withdrawal of tax from the personal accounts of UK taxpayers if, in their view money is owed to them. In essence then the file and record of the greatest financial and most destructive fraud in history has been closed and not one banker has been prosecuted. Unbelievable

Financial Stewardship in the UK in the period 1997 – 2010 was the responsibility of Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling. They failed the country yet outrageously continue to strut their stuff on the Scottish political stage seeking to direct, in their favor, the outcome of the 2014 referendum. But they are discredited politicians who in their arrogance believe that the Scottish electorate hold them and their jaundiced views in high regard. Not so, as they will find out next week. Vote, Yes” in the referendum.


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