Scottish Referendum

Union Barons Run the Unions Not the Members

Union Barons Run the Unions Not the Members. Yet again the bellicose and unrepresentative voice of UK Trades Unions is being broadcast throughout Scotland directing their membership to vote, “No” in the referendum providing support to the, “Blether Together” campaign. Union bosses, in England seeking to justify their biased views, (clearly at odds with their Scot’s members), insist that the unions, “National” collective view must hold sway over, “Regional” opinion. “It’s one for all and all for one” and that’s put paid to democracy.

Compounding the disgrace a number of Unions even had the audacity to bypass consultation with their members, opting for, then ratifying without consultation the decision to support, “Blether Together” on the verbal vote of a small English based council. A spokesman for the, “Yes” campaign offered, “It was always going to the case that Union controllers discharging their, “National” agenda, (justifying the £billions donated to the Labour party) would, “gerrymander” the outcome of any vote from their Scottish membership.There is a strong suspicion that consultation was not honest and sincere.”

But I am hoping the patronizing strategy of union bosses, (clearly acting in the interests of the, “National” labour party and not their Scottish members) will backfire. Scot’s do not like to be dictated to by persons who have agenda’s to fulfill that are at odds with their own views.

Union members should vote, “Yes” in the referendum so that their Union will be headquartered in Scotland and staffed by officials who exist to provide support to their members. The day’s of the dictatorship Union barons is at an end. Unions are about people not politics.

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