Trident Dependent Jobs at Faslane

Those who are comfortable retaining, securing the hugely expensive and (illegal to use) Trident Nuclear Missiles at Faslane make great claim that their removal would bring about the loss of 11,000 jobs in the local area. This is a lie, widely spread and repeated by successive UK governments as one of a number of, “frighteners” designed to keep the Scottish public onside.

The truth is that there are 520 jobs dependent on the secure storage and maintenance of Trident missiles at Faslane. Of the total well in excess of 50% are resident in England. These technical workers routinely commute from their homes in England to their workplace in Faslane. The bulk of staff living in or near Faslane are Ministry of Defence police responsible for the security of the site.

Moving the Trident missiles from Faslane to another location could be achieved, (assuming there was a secure site) in a matter of weeks.

Converting the facility for conventional defence (naval) use alone would be relatively straight forward and the new, “Home of the Scottish Navy” would bring with it a major boom in terms of permanent employment, expected to be around 15,000 jobs, in total and resultant financial security to the entire area.


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