Scottish Referendum

The Royal mail & the Future

The Royal Mail and the Future

The, part-privatised, (on the cheap) Royal Mail derives about 50% of it’s annual revenue from delivery of, “snail mail.” It is contracted, “by law” to deliver such mail on a universal basis throughout the UK. Retention of a, “Universal Mail Delivery” service is more expensive to maintain in the large rural areas of Scotland. Measures, correcting matters, reducing costs are ready for early implementation after the next general election. The measures; Universal home delivery of mail is to be withdrawn, (over a period not exceeding one year), in urban areas, with a population exceeding 5000, to be replaced with Post-Box, (PO) delivery. This will require homeowners to, “collect” their mail in person, (no exceptions) from a designated PO-Box which will be located locally, supermarket, Newsagent, Garage or similar enterprise. Inconvenient!!! Tough!!! will be the response of the new Conservative government.

Read the article; “”

The above changes can only be implemented in Scotland with the authority of UK Government. Vote, “Yes” in the September referendum. Let the Scottish Parliament decide the future of mail delivery.

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