Scottish Referendum

More About David Coburn UKIP

UKIP In-fighting (Scotland)

In Autumn 2013, Serious in-fighting within the UKIP Party in Scotland, which had been going on for over a year had come to a head when Lord Monckton questioned, “irregularities” in the candidate selection process, which was seemingly interfered with from London. Lord Monckton and very many of his Scottish Colleagues objected to this imperialist behavior. Because London would not pay any heed to the wishes of the Scottish Membership, and he did not get the support of the London NEC. Lord Monckton and his many loyal supporters then resigned from UKIP Scotland’s Leadership.

This resulted in an estranged Scot, Dave Coburn (UKIP London Chairman) being selected as the Lead Candidate for a seat in Scotland. Coburn operates via a newly formed UKIP, “Puppet Regime”, set up, (in the aftermath of the foregoing disagreement) in the West of Scotland, under the direction of a, “Misty Thackeray” in Lanarkshire.

David Coburn, UKIP, (after a serious amount of in-fighting, leading to a number of Scottish leadership resignations) was included on the Scottish list by Nigel Farage and subsequently elected, scraping through with 10.4% of the Scottish vote. It transpires he wished to become an MEP because it would help him get into Westminster, (House of Commons) through the generation of, “lots of television and radio coverage”.

Presumably the expected extra media coverage will prove beneficial at the time of the 2015 General Election, (Mr Coburn is to stand for election for the Bexleyheath and Crayford, London constituency). David, (considered to be as effective a communicator as his good friend Nigel Farage) is, Chairman of UKIP in London. His place of residence is in London.

He currently rents accommodation in Edinburgh but it is unlikely he will transfer his place of residence to Edinburgh any time in the near future. Perhaps forward looking to the 2015 election. Evidently, (assuming his bid for parliament is successful) he will attend the House of Commons, as an MP. Commuting to and from the European Parliament so that he will be able to claim a salary and all the expenses that would be available to him. Quite where this, “modus-operandi” fits with representation of members of the Scottish electorate that voted him into office defeats me.

His behavior is seemingly widely practiced by UKIP MEP’s who attend the European Parliament, (from time to time) for the sole purpose of claiming as much money as possible by way of salary and expenses, (about £1million each parliamentary period). They rarely, (if ever) participate in debates which might influence policies in favour of the UK so their entire purpose of being is fruitless and expensive for the UK taxpayer but blissfully financially beneficial for UKIP members.

Nigel Farage himself recently admitted legally claiming £millions from the European Parliament, (all of which seemingly ended up in his pocket). 29 MEP’s and £29million, nice one. The Scottish electorate has opportunity, in September to set up systems ensuring effective and proper representation. Vote “Yes” to independence. Banish UKIP back to England.

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