Scottish Referendum

Johann Lamont & Scottish Labour

Johann Lamont & Scottish Labour

It is a fact that from the time she took up office as leader, (Johan Lamont and the Scottish Labour Party) meekly toe the line sent down by Ed Miliband and his cohorts. Entirely suited only to the needs of English voters, (not Scots) policies are to be foisted upon Scotland, should Labour win the next General Election, (which it is increasingly uncertain.)

Mindful of the foregoing, Johan Lamont and her Labour Party’s support of a, “no” vote in the Referendum is becoming ever more savagely hysterical claiming, “cybernats” are unfairly conducting personal vendettas online against those who might voice disagreement with their views. At long last, “The Sun” has, “climbed off the fence” and sided with the, “Yes” campaign, publishing disparaging comment in regard to the aforementioned concerns, mocking Johan Lamont and her Labour colleagues for pursuing childish witch-hunts on social media outlets. Paraphrasing an extract from, The Sun Editorial;

“The left-wing, (Labour Party) mob on Twitter fuel their self-righteousness, taking offence at their political opponents, whipping up frenzies of phony outrage willfully ignoring the context in which things are said”.

Scots do not take kindly to Labour Party officials warping the truth to suit their political aspirations. Vote, “Yes” in the referendum. Cleanse English control from of Scottish politics.

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