Scottish Referendum

Gordon Brown Labour Party

Gordon Brown

Brown first thought of himself as being ‘Labour’ and his sense of social injustice was roused when he accompanied his father on visits around Kirkcaldy seeing the pain of unemployment and the misery of poverty and squalor as the mining and textile industries collapsed. Growing up he discovered Tawney, Tressell, Cole and other socialist texts which inspired him. He also found inspiration in Blake in poetry, Potter in drama, Lawrence in literature and the socialist leader James Maxton in Scottish history. These, he argues, fueled his passion and activism, reinforcing his own political experience. For Brown the ethical basis of British socialism has several themes: the view that individuals are not primarily self-centered but are co-operative, that people are more likely to thrive in communities in which they play a full role and that people have talents and potential that the free market will not allow them to fully realize. In addition, one of the most enduring of Brown’s themes is the commitment to equality.

Mindful of President Obama’s recent reference to the Special Relationship, I am minded of questions raised in congress some year’s ago

1. Why did the UK Parliament commit to Brussels, splitting away from the Atlantic Alliance, “The Special Relationship” giving up it’s National identity?

2. Why did the UK Parliament abandon it’s military commitments to Iraq midway through the war?

3. Why did the UK Parliament politic elite secretly open discussions, “excluding the USA” with the Taliban in Afghanistan?

4. Why did the UK Parliament further cede British sovereignty to Brussels? (Remember the non-existent referendum promised to the UK public)

5. Why did the UK Parliament fail to properly finance the military at the time of the Afganistan War? NOTE1


At the beginning of and for a substantial period of time after, the British public and press bitterly complained that British servicemen were being sent into combat, poorly trained, ill equipped and in open topped land rovers. Resultant of this, many British soldiers were unnecessarily killed and maimed by I.E.D.s. In contrast, the USA and other nations equipped, (at the start of the war) their servicemen, with protective personal armour and highly effective mine-resistant vehicles. Additionally, At the time of battlefield confrontation British servicemen failed to benefit from effective air support, helicopters, or protection from heavy mortars.

The highly respected, “EUreferendum” blog reasoned simply that the foregoing failures were attributed to, inadequate financial allocation and “jobsworths” in the Whitehall and Westminster bureaucracy. Finance is remitted to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who at the time was Gordon Brown. Yes, the same Gordon Brown who, sacked from government and sidelined by the Labour Party has returned to Scotland with the message that we Scot’s are better together.

I think not Gordon, a substantial number of the young men and women maimed and killed in wars not supported by the people of Scotland were Scot’s. We cannot forget. Vote, “Yes” to independence.

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