Scottish Referendum

The Great War 1914-18

At the beginning of 1914 Westminster politicians decided that England, (sorry, the nation) would need to assert it’s stature as the leading power in the world and put the expansionist Germans in their place.

Aging Westminster politicians, reminiscent of defeating Russia in the Crimea orchestrated propaganda calling upon the youth of Britain to volunteer, the slogan and poster, “Your Country needs You” was one of the primary teasers.

So Britain went to war in 1914, (Westminster warmongers had stolen the Hearts & minds of the Country). An army of 500,000 comprised of regular & reservists were speedily mobilized and deployed to the continent.

It became evident early on that British forces were heavily outnumbered & outgunned by the Germans so the, “War Department” went into propaganda overdrive. Soon a further 250,000 young volunteers had signed up and provided with basic training were pushed into the, most horrific conflict the World had, (still has) ever witnessed. By the end of the war British & Commonwealth countries deployed about 5,500.000 Army, Navy & Air-forces personnel.

In a brutal war, fought on an unparalleled scale, casualties were horrendous. Acting on instructions, issued by London based leaders, British Generals, based many miles away from the scenes of battle, “ordered implementation of their ill considered strategic plans” regardless of the suffering imposed on their own troops in frontline trenches.

In time the, “fog of war” with it’s , “accompanying, death, injury, noise and fruitless suicidal attacks on well defended German positions” shattered the nerves of a number, (about 450) of the more inexperienced British & Commonwealth soldiers. Approximately 350 of the total number were British. They were courts marshaled, (often being denied any defence of their actions) for cowardice. Found, “guilty” and were publicly executed at the, “break of dawn” the day after sentencing.

It is fact that Commonwealth forces charged and convicted of similar offenses were simply taken away from the frontline, for hospitalization, assessment and remedial care. None were shot.

Recently delivered, speeches and subsequent performances, (to compliant audiences) by George Robertson and his erstwhile buddy John Smith should give cause for concern since both these aging politicians are well experienced in the planning and execution of policies resulting in a disastrous abuse & misuse of British forces, (Baltics, Iraq and Afghanistan) and reactivation of the so called Labour party, “enforcers” in support of the, “better together” people would be of concern, but only if anyone heeded their rhetoric.

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