Boys Toys for the Big Boys

Boys Toys for the Big Boys

Retention and replacement of Trident beyond 2015 will cost the UK a few billion pounds. Westminster politicians are agreed it will only be retained and replaced if it remains in Scotland since finding suitable facilities in other parts of the UK is impossible as all possible locations are located in heavily populated areas where storing nuclear warheads is dangerous

Tony Blair, (remember Teflon Tony) in his recent autobiography, explained why he proposed a renewal of Trident. He acknowledged that “the expense is huge, and the utility in a post-cold war world is less in terms of deterrence, and non-existent in terms of military use”. In any event, it is “frankly inconceivable we would use our nuclear deterrent” without the United States using theirs. “In the final analysis,” he wrote, “I thought giving it up too big a downgrading of our status as a nation”.

Asked for his views, former chief of defence staff, Field Marshal Lord Carver was recently quoted, saying, “Trident. What the bloody hell is it for?”

So it looks like the real answer to this question is Blair’s confession that scrapping our nukes would be the “downgrading of our status as a nation”.

Spending a fortune on an expensive, “boys toy” so that Westminster politicians can, “big it” on the world stage is unacceptable to the Scottish
electorate, as expressed to Westminster through their elected representatives. A “yes” vote in the referendum will require Westminster to address the matter. It might be they will relocate Trident utilising the newly developed, “deep port” facilities near London.

A reminder, hopefully timely for any Labour Party supporter one as yet undecided on their voting intentions in the referendum. The Labour Party, (including the Scottish Branch) under the control of Mr Miliband are committed to a pursuit of the, “Coalition Government’s” austerity policies, if they form a government in 2015. It is time the Scottish Labour Party and Trades Unions listened to and acted upon the wishes of those who support them and support the, “Yes” campaign. With Labour on board Scotland would be assured of independence and the probability of forming the next government in Scotland.


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