Scottish Referendum

The Japanese tsunami and the Fukushima reactor meltdown in Japan

The Japanese tsunami and the Fukushima reactor meltdown in Japan

3 year’s ago the nuclear plant north of Tokyo went into meltdown following the tsunami Radioactive material was spread far and wide and the accident was recorded as the worst since Chernobyl.

A Radiation and Public health body, set up after the accident has reported an alarming increase in Thyroid cancer amongst children. The normal rate of occurrence is, (7 in every 300,000) children. The newly published rate in the area north of Tokyo is (100 in every 300,000) and rising. We are only addressing one type of cancer. There are many others yet to be reported on.

The foregoing takes me back to the Clyde and Trident. In the event of a nuclear accident at Faslane, (250 minor accidents have been recorded in the last 10 years) our children would be damaged forever and many would die of radiation induced cancers. Westminster has no just cause to invite that scenario upon our children. Vote, “Yes” in the referendum. Get Trident out of Faslane.


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