The Cost to the Taxpayer of Ian Duncan Smith’s Peerage – £2.5 Billion Plus Many Dead Bodies the Consequence of his Many Botched Schemes Imposed on the Sick and Needy




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Some of Tory Government Minister Ian Duncan Smiths Achievements

Expenditure on temporary staff: Up 91% year.

Expenditure on private consultants: Up 59% year.

Expenditure on a private contractor to complete botched fitness for work assessments: £60million.

Expenditure on IT equipment never put into use: £90million.

Expenditure on Universal Credit IT contractor overspend: £241million.

Expenditure on Youth Contract Scheme, (failure rate 95%): £434m

Expenditure contesting appeals against unfair work assessments: £150million

Expenditure on overpayments at the DWP due to fraud: £1.2billion.

Shares For Rights Scheme opened up a £1bn tax loophole.

The financial madhouse that is Westminster guaranteed to get Smith into the House of Lords. Bugger the taxpayers


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