Scottish Referendum

Independent Scotland Would Maintain EU Membership

Independent Scotland Would Maintain EU Membership

A former senior British diplomat who negotiated the UK’s entry into the European Commission in the 1970s, the forerunner of the EU, has said it is not in London’s, “material interests” to leave an independent Scotland outside the European Union.

Professor Graham Avery was a senior British civil servant for 40 years and Private Secretary to two former British Ministers. He argues, “none of them, none of the 28 member states, least of all London, has a material interest in Scotland leaving the European Union even for a brief time.” He further stated, “anyone with experience of the European Union knows that the decision to allow Scotland to become a full EU member will be a political decision.”

The issue of Catalionian independence would be resolved by providing Spain with the reassurance that Scottish independence and subsequent membership of the EU, would not act as a precedent for Catalonia.

In conclusion, he identified that although rules and procedures would need to be followed, ultimately political expediency and the individual national interest of EU members will dictate the outcome. Full article;–Former-UK.html

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