Scottish Referendum

Good Riddance To The Rotten Parliament (2005-2010)

Good Riddance To The Rotten Parliament (2005-2010)

Time to reflect upon the criminal activities of Westminster politicians. Much change? Not a lot. Scotland deserves better than to be subjected to the rule of law that is Westminster. It is time that Scotland removed itself from the sleaze. Vote, “Yes” in the referendum so that Scotland can be a nation again. Free to decide it’s own future. With a written constitution guaranteeing the rights of all it’s citizens.

How will it be known in years to come? The Rotten Parliament? The Duckpond Parliament? The Flipping Parliament? It has certainly been a long Parliament. The final year has been a traumatic experience. But notwithstanding the calamity that it brought upon itself, this was not a Parliament that achieved a great deal beyond further restricting the freedoms of the people that elected it, by failing to stand up to an over-mighty executive.

What great and lasting reforms will the parliamentarians of 2005-10 be able to point to with pride? The ban on smoking in public places, perhaps, or the introduction of identity-card legislation for the first time since 1952, or restrictions on free speech and the further erosion of personal responsibility while more national power drained away to Europe.

It is hardly a Parliament that historians would consider worthy of study were it not for one factor that will mark it out from all others. The great expenses scandal of 2009, whose consequences have been, and will continue to be, far-reaching.

Not only did it lead to the first removal of a Speaker in more than 300 years, it has also subjected the body that makes the law to outside scrutiny for the first time since the Glorious Revolution, because the public can no longer trust its elected representatives to behave in a proper way. As legacies go, that is a pretty shameful one. Full article here;


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