300 Years of Westminster Government of Scotland is Epitomized by – Greed – Gluttony – Lust – Envy – Jealousy – Sloth – Wrath and Pride – Time to Cut the Ties





culloden_02The act of Union 1707. Ah!! Scottish Utopia!!! promises, promises, promises betrayal, betrayal, betrayal. 1745 Culloden. and the butchery of German Geordie




594730393But you see we were sold out by a few unelected lords who took English bribes and betrayed Scotland





1364606911From that time Scotland has been brutally asset stripped  by an avaricious  Westminster government. All roads lead to London!!!





6a00d8341d417153ef01a511756155970c-800wiWestminster gathers all revenue accrued in the UK to the English Exchequer who top slices the income for Westminster needs then apportions a financial allocation to the Secretary of State for Scotland (Fluffy Mundell)  who top slices finance needed to run the Scottish Office then passes on the residue to the Scottish Administration. But no-one really knows the full extent of revenue gathered by Scotland. eg Whisky manufactured, blended and bottled in Scotland is transported to England for worldwide distribution. Tax collected is credited to England. 3-5billion annually.





6a00d8341d417153ef01b8d06db74a970c-800wiThen, if minded to do so – throw Scotland a few scraps – from time to time.





6a00d8341d417153ef01b7c6dd24dc970b-800wiNew untested ideas about tax collection. Probably unworkable. Introduce new measures in Scotland first The jocks are well indoctrinated

to Westminster’s authority.  eg Poll Tax Experiment Yup!!





spiceIndustry!! – Order books a bit light!! – Close Scotland down Move companies to England




comics-scottish-referendum-gill-hatcherCoal- mining – Bloody minded Jocks and their Unions. Shut it down. Leave the coal in the ground. Purchase cheap dirty coal from Poland and South America.





daily-cartoon-20140405Car production, Shut it down transfer it from Linwood and Bathgate to England.






Steve Bell 11.09.14Steel production – Sell it of to India. Shut it down in Scotland move production to England.





51a48ba17204653936Retain a massively upgraded Trident nuclear weapons and submarine fleet – Yes!!    But not in England – Option appraisal revealed the English public do not wish to have any Trident missiles or Submarines. Unacceptable risk having them them based within 50 miles of English cities. Bugger it – locate them in Glasgow.





nuclear-explosion-digital-art-hd-wallpaper-2560x1600-3213 Shut down ship building in Glasgow. Basing of UK of an expanded submarine fleet and Trident missiles in Faslane precludes any major industry on the Clyde




article-2533846-1A6B80F800000578-41_634x426Construction of a few battleships (usually kit construction in England then shipped to Glasgow for assembly) from time to time will keep the natives happy.





pipmajors_tcm4-568791Lets fight Johnny Foreigner!! – troops needed – Not a problem – Get them from Scotland.






a0022162_540eab7ea88aeShut down factories –  get the buggers on the dole or offer job security through service in the forces.






culloden-lDeath and lifetime incapacity for many young Scotsmen through injury on active service in many cavalier military actions entered into by Westminster. The answer- start a few charities for injured servicemen – cash for heros. Let it all die a death as public awareness recedes





dhm1247Charitable housing for wounded – handicapped soldiers – no way, let the Scottish public find the money.






WaterlooUpgrade the infrastructure. Great idea much needed but not for Scotland. England comes first but the Scots will contribute to the cost






car-industry-cartoons-white-2-wScotland – Natives restless – give them a, “wee talking shop parliament” but retain power in England.


William Hague clarified Scotland’s place in the Union

“Scotland is not a state. Westminster simply decided to delegate the games to be held in Glasgow, a city of the UK”







_41892748_salmond203But they might find the confidence to ask for another independence referendum. Doubtful!! .They thrived for 300 years of abuse heaped upon them by Westminster.





millionaire mpsJocks are Luddites!!! Witness the Labour Party in Scotland. Returned to power at Westminster for nearly 60 years. They really did vote for donkeys wearing a labour badge and paid the price suffering rampant corruption.





230413 Steve Bell Scotland currencyMoaning Jocks!!!  Promise them jam tomorrow – They’ll believe anything Yup! that’s it, buy the buggers off with a few sweeteners.






The separatists of ScotlandThose who choose to stay with the Union in 2014 voted for 30 years of austerity. Hell mend ’em





Palace.of.westminster.arpRabbie Burns got it right when he wrote that  “a parcel of rogues” sold Scotland out 300 years ago





vowThe next referendum will provide another chance for Scot’s to get rid of Westminster Peers of the realm and politicians.





5daf77f3918a1a09d618d7baf04d6b09The fate of Scotland should be in Scot’s hands not the grubby paws of a bunch of rich toff’s, lord’s and even richer baron’s at Westminster





4b4f9590c80a3029258e0ac75593f45eFeathering their own nest’s, selling the nation into bondage.






Bullingdon 1987They told us they loved us and pleaded that we stay in the Union. We did. Now it’s payback time.






11006218_1789424197949278_663133098_nVote  “Yes” let those who live in Scotland decide their own governance.


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