Scottish Referendum

Windfall Tax Scottish Oil

Windfall Tax Scottish Oil

Mr Osborne announced a £2 billion windfall tax, to be levied against oil & gas companies operating in the North Sea, (an increase of about 12%). The policy, which placed at risk thousands of jobs and billions of pounds of investment in the North of Scotland, was first brought forward, in committee by Scottish MP and Chief Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander. Many of Mr Alexander’s, Scottish Liberal Democratic MPs broke with protocol and voiced opposition to it. Ignoring protestation’s, at a formal business dinner, at which he was the invited speaker, attended by a large number of eminent London based business leaders, Mr Alexander triuphantly claimed ownership of the levy stating: “It was my idea, which I first proposed a few months ago.”

Comments Subsequently Attributed to a Number of Mr Alexander’s Scottish Colleagues;

1. Liberal Democrat MP, (Gordon) Malcom Bruce; This extra tax is breaking pledges made to the industry by Mr Osborne and the Liberal Democratic leader, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. Additionally, “Mr Alexander is economically illiterate for coming up with a clearly populist move which could kill off investment in the North Sea”.

2. Liberal Democrat MP, (West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine) Sir Robert Smith; This tax raid will be “economically disastrous”.

3. Liberal Democrat MP, (Caithness and Sutherland) John Thurso raised concerns at an energy Select Committee, claiming; “Investment in new oilfields to the West of Shetland is now at risk”.

The populace of Aberdeen and the North of Scotland would be well advised to note the views of Mr Alexander’s colleagues who think his grasp of economics borders on the illiterate. The only way to protect the Scottish oil & gas industry is to vote, “yes” to independence.


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