Oxfam Scandals – Employment in the UK charity sector is dominated by Labour Party political polemicist appointee’s with little, if any experience in charity work

Oxfam Oxfam was reported to the Charity Commission by the Tory Party in 2014, for publishing a faux film poster, headed “Lifting the lid on austerity, Britain reveals a perfect storm and it’s forcing more and more people into poverty.” Showing a broiling sea under clouds titled: The Perfect Storm. Added were the words ‘starring […]

Island ferry replacements are six years late and 5 times cost over-run -public inquiry ruled out by Sturgeon

SNP government policy – outsource everything This is the mantra that inspires the Scottish Government management of big projects, even when they are supposed to be major public infrastructure developments. Some weeks ago we looked at the question of CalMac after information circulated about an impending privatisation plan. The First Minister denied the story, but […]