Scottish independence is an important part of the SNP formula so long as it is never realised and so long as the campaigning is run through SNP political elites.

Sturgeon’s National Investment Bank for the common good of Scotland’s people has morphed into a tool for corporate business to capitalise on. The “bank for the people” set up to make strategic investments for the common good, has morphed into yet another avenue for corporate Scotland to capitalise on. For instance, tourism technology business Travelnest […]

The Sturgeon inspired Growth Commission left Scotland a vassal state for corporate interests, the City and foreign capital.

The disastrous Growth Commission, the Westminster government’s variant of “independence,” was brought together by Scotland’s premier corporate lobbying firm, Charlotte Street Partners, while the trade unions were excluded. Charlotte Street Partners acts as a central cog between the leadership of the SNP and the array of business clients represented by the firm. […]