Nepotism and corruption – Mhari Black misrules Renfrewshire

This article contains information about the emergence from the political shadows of Natalie Don a local councillor and admin assistant to MSP Derek MacKay who left office under a cloud in 2020. She was selected as the SNP’s candidate for the  Renfrewshire North and West constituency in November 2020 and elected to office in the May 2021 […]

Scandal -the transfer of BBC Scotland production to Mentorn was facilitated by the BBC and the offshore registered global equity fund, Vitruvian Partners

Tinopolis (PLC) Not a lot of people know it but five billionaires and their corporations own and control around 80 per cent of the UK media providing them with the means and opportunity to maliciously influence and control political and cultural agendas shaping the knowledge, behavior and beliefs of the population effectively destroying free thinking. […]