You have to admire the Australians-use of distorted gender neutral language banned in Australia

Gender bendering

The views of the vast majority of Scots have been bypassed by politicians at Holyrood who are determined to impose gender neutralism on the nation.

It appears other governments in the UK are ready to embrace and legislate in the same way.

The portents for the future health and wellbeing of our nation are unhealthy.

But there is a better solution. Ask the people to decide the way forward in a referendum.

You have to admire the Australians-use of distorted gender neutral language banned in Australia

The Australian Senate passed a motion banning the use of “distorted” gender-neutral language in official government materials. It stated:

“Fundamental biology and relationships are represented through the following descriptors – mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, boy, girl, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, female, male, man, woman, lady, gentleman, Mr, Mrs, Ms, sir, madam, dad, mum, husband, wife broad scale genuine inclusion cannot be achieved through distortions of biological and relational descriptors.

An individual’s right to choose their descriptors and pronouns for personal use must not dehumanise the human race and undermine gender.

The use of distorted language such as gestational/non-gestational parent, chest-feeding, human milk, lactating parent, menstruators, birthing/non-birthing parent is deprecated and all federal government and federal government funded agencies are not to include these terms in their material, including legislation, websites, employee documentation and training materials”.

The motion was debated in Parliament following a furore over the 2020 publication by the “Gender Institute” of the “Australian National University”, of its “Gender-Inclusive Handbook”, which said that the terms “mother” and “father” should be replaced with “gestational” and “non-gestational” parent.