GRA trending – incidence of Scots going Greek and bare-backing increasing with consequences

How old is old enough?

New Scottish guidelines seem to condone sex a mong children as young as 13. It says that if a person is in a safe and respectful relationship then police, teachers and social workers should maintain confidentiality, which is not to tell mom or dad.That policy would appear to undermine the legal age of consent in Scotland which is currently 16, meaning that now how safe and respectful the relationship is technically the participants would be breaking the law.

The new policy specifies that cases where the child is clearly at risk, where there is a “power imbalance,” grooming, bribing, coercion, or alcohol and drug use, can be reported to parents. However “If sexual activity is taken place/has taken place within safe and mutually respectful relationship, the confidentiality should generally be maintained.” What is not clear is how police, teachers, and social workers are supposed to gauge the health of an underage relationship, and whether the youngsters are mature enough to be involved in such a relationship i.e. do they understand what it means and what the consequences are. (

Scottish youth is going Greek

Going Greek is to be a willing recipient of anal sex and recent research in Scotland indicates a rapid rise in its popularity with around 40% of females indulging in it often as a means of birth control. An unwelcome consequence is an increasing number of women suffering injury, sexually transmitted diseases and other health complications.

The recent GRA legislation also introduces many new risk factors and raises the importance of educating females about the risks of anal intercourse, as anal sphincter injury or faecal incontinence is more prevalent than for men. This is primarily due to the female anatomy as well as the effect of hormones, pregnancy and childbirth on the pelvic floor. Women have less robust anal sphincters and lower canal pressures, which risks more damage to their anatomy.

The main consequences of going Greek include incontinence, sexually transmitted diseases, bleeding and or pain. Anal fissures can be a consequence, these are tiny skin tears in the lining of the anus that can cause pain and bleeding.


Until recently it was universally accepted that anal sex was a high risk activity with protection of disease being gained through the use of condoms. But big pharma developed and introduced Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) which is now widely used in the homosexual and increasingly the hetrosexual communities. A person who takes a prEP drug every day can lower his or her risk of getting HIV from sex by more than 99% percent and from injection drug use by more than 74% percent.

But a rapidly increasing incidence of sexually transmitted diseases in heterosexuals through anal sex is linked to the practice of barebacking ( sex without a condom) and is a warning that PrEP does not prevent other sexually transmitted infections, so safe sex.