Female rights in Scotland are under attack from billion dollar big pharma corporations and the LGBTQ?? lobby supported by Holyrood politicians – They need our help -sign the petition

The Scottish government is determined to press ahead with self declaration legislation next week which will allow any male to self declare their gender as female with the inbuilt protection that individuals can revert to being male if they become bored.

The legislation will afford a self declared trans-person all of the rights of women including unrestricted access to single sex areas/facilities protected under the human rights legislation.

Women’s rights are protected with the Equality Act 2010 but there is a loophole which has been seized on by the LGBTQ??? lobbyists group.

Current legislation does not specify exactly what a female is.

The terms sex, male, female, man & woman, in the operation of the equality law needs to be amended to mean biological sex and not “sex as modified by a Gender Recognition Certificate”.

100,000 signatures will allow the petition to be debated at Westminster.

Please sign the petition and circulate this information to all of your friends.