The systematic implantation of Britishness in the minds of Scots

The “Picture Post” (1938-1957) portrayal of Scotland perpetuated the themes of Empire and Identity. Its depiction of Scottish history was scarce and comment was largely restricted to the institutional differences from England and coverage of pageantry. The narrative it promoted conveyed the residual strengths of the British Empire, with increases in royal visits suggesting “concessions […]

Television programming needs to be expanded by extending the remit of the Gaelic Broadcasting Agency to include Scots and Doric programming protecting Scotland’s heritage from the prevalence of BBC “Queens English” presentation of “live” news and current affairs

Introduction Scotland’s Gaelic TV channel BBC Alba, attracts many more Scottish viewers than there are Gaelic speakers and the potential for growth is well recognized in the trade. Independent programme makers in Scotland produce quality television for the station but in insufficient quantity to fully support the channel. The channel broadcasts for around 7 hours […]