SNP members will need to take back control of the party before the LBGTQ clique at the top destroy it

Its time the SNP members took back control of the Party

From around 2005, in UK and Scottish elections, at all levels, the Labour Party in Scotland was humiliated by a Scottish electorate who rejected its political policies and aspirations to retain Scotland in a Union which had delivered only pain, suffering and humiliation on Scots. A Party once powerful and unassailable turned its face away from the wishes of the voters and was destroyed. And the nadir of the Labour party will likely be visited upon the SNP who, at a time its popularity amongst Scots was at its zenith permitted a transfer of the control of policy decisions to a small cabal of executives driven by LGBTQ dogma and political and social leanings and behaviour at odds with Party members and more importantly the voters. The Party can be saved but only with the removal of the incompetent controlling “cleek” at its top.