Read this and weep -Scotland, a colony acquired by English Conquest is being dismantled piecemeal and absorbed by England’s Westminster politicians and the UN is betraying its own charter through a tacit acceptance and acquiescence of England’s continued domination of Scots’

The benefits of the Treaty of Union

144 years after the signing of the Treaty of Union the widely promoted benefits to be gained by Scotland from placing their trust with the Westminster government were self evident in Glasgow. The police selected a few streets for a lifestyle analysis for the city fathers. The results told the true story. 182 years later a similar study would reveal that not a lot has changed.

Scotland weather patterns are different to England’s. Our autumns and winters are more severe and lengthier and the cost of heating, light, power and the basic foodstuffs will be beyond the financial means of many thousands of Scots who will be forced to adopt lifestyles akin to those who survived the excesses of Westminster in 1841

Scottish leaders should take Scotland’s unarguable proof of conspiracy by successive Westminster governments to force Scotland to remain a colony of England, gained by conquest, which is contrary to UN statutes.