In the 2014 independence referendum the supposedly Independent Electoral Commission was headed by the former supposedly impartial BBC Scotland Controller

The Independent Electoral Commission Employed by the BBC for 34 years, John McCormick was Secretary then Controller of BBC Scotland, 1992 -2004  before being  appointed to the post of Commissioner in 2008, with the Electoral Commission, the toothless independent elections watchdog and regulator of party and election finance. The referendum held on 18 September 2014 […]

LGBTQ hyper-extremist activists are greatly damaging the cause of independence and should be ordered to leave the SNP

The insidious dogma of hyper-extremist activists is holding Scottish politics to ransom Scotland is a colony of England and its politicians are permitted to operate only under the strict control of the Westminster government. Faced with this reality the acceptable face of politics within Scotland has become narrow-minded and focused on encouraging the development of […]

Russian money influences the Tory government – 14 government ministers, including six Cabinet members accepted tens of thousands of pounds in donations from Russian oligarchs’

Putin’s Russia pulls the strings and the Tory Party Dances to their tune In the past ten years, approximately 10,000 super-wealthy Chinese and Russian business investors and entrepreneurs have been issued with “golden visas” by the Tory government providing them with a right of residence in the UK. So many of Putin’s oligarchs and their […]