The UK Supreme Court – An Illegal Pseudo Body Tasked with Ensuring the Protection of Westminster – Sod the Scots and their “Claim of Right”

Appellate Jurisdiction Act 1876 The House of Lords historically has jurisdiction to hear appeals from the lower courts. Theoretically, the appeals are to the Sovereign-in-Parliament, but the House of Commons does not participate in judicial matters. The House of Lords does not necessarily include judges, but it was formerly attended by several judges who gave […]

Lord Cullen, (Lord Justice General of Scotland and Lord President of the Court of Session) – A supreme court would be illegal since there are two completely separate jurisdictions and what is binding in England is not binding in Scotland – the separate growth of two legal systems is preserved by the Act of Union.

Lord Cullen: we have met before when we were carrying out our inquiry into the judicial appointments in Scotland before the Government announced its plans for England and Wales. Chairman: What we thought we might do is start by looking at the Supreme Court issue and initially looking at it in general terms before coming on […]