30%+ SNP MP’s is massively unrepresentative of Scottish society – the demographics of Scotland’s population indicate the split of SNP MP’s should be Heterosexual: 42- LGBTQ/WOKE: 2

The SNP government’s agenda for change Nicola Sturgeon and her personal advisors decided the WOKE agenda for change would be fully supported by the Scottish government When complete Scottish society will be turned on its head fitting the concept of a fully integrated society modelled to the thinking of the WOKE activists. But all of […]

The impressive unity of the SNP of 2014 has been replaced with a centralized dictatorial regime which only exists to serve its own interests and that does not include a second independence referendum.

The Scottish National Party Government and associated Regional Branches employ approximately 841 people. An investigation of the Party organisation indicates that the bulk of this total were appointed to office depending on who they supported politically, eg LBGTQ+ supporters or were close friends of persons responsible for the offer of employment or close family members. […]