Berwick – brutally torn from Scotland then illegally garrisoned for 500 years before being secretly absorbed as a town of England in 1974 – and what has the SNP done about righting the injustice? Nothing!!!

Berwick the forgotten town – ripped from Scotland by the bloody hands of Edward Longshanks and the occupation armies of his successors With Westminster being almost 350 miles away from Berwick-upon-Tweed, its residents do not feel connected to English politics. With bagpipes playing and Scottish flags fluttering in the wind, you could be forgiven for […]

Oil and Gas will be extracted from Scottish waters for another 100 years and still, the SNP have done nothing to get our stolen waters East of Berwick back from England. Useless bought and sold an applicable charge

North Sea oil Will Last For 100 Years Scottish waters will continue to provide oil for another 100 years, twice as long as previous estimates, according to industry analysts. Dr Richard Pike, a former oil industry consultant and now the chief executive of the Royal Society of Chemistry, said: “Rather than only getting 20 to […]

Largesse from another angle- the bulk of the 801 SNP politicians who extract £31M+ annually from Scottish taxpayers are sourced from friends, family & LBGTQ+ campaigners. Little wonder independence is off their agenda

The Scottish National Party Government and associated Regional Branches employ approximately 841 people. An investigation of the Party organisation indicates that the bulk of this total was appointed to office depending on who they supported politically, eg LBGTQ+ supporters or were close friends of persons responsible for the offer of employment or close family members. […]