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A man who describes himself as an “animal stuck inside a human body” has decided to abandon his wife and children to live the life of a squirrel in the woods.

Alan Meyers, an electrician and father of two from Dyersburg in Tennessee, has always described himself as a squirrel stuck in a man’s body and has been for years a militant of the transspecies movement.

Meyers was diagnosed with a condition called clinical lycanthropy, a rare psychiatric syndrome that involves a delusion that the affected person can transform into has transformed into or is a non-human animal.

Despite his condition, he had always lived a rather normal life until last week, when he decided to abandon his job and family to live naked in the forest.

His wife Johanna says her husband’s decision was spontaneous and unexpected, even if he talked about being a squirrel for years.

“He always said he felt like a squirrel stuck in a human body and kept hiding food around the house, but I never thought he would abandon us!”

She also fears for his health since temperatures are extremely cold at this time of the year.

“He goes around running naked in the woods and chewing bark and frozen fruits… He could really get sick or die!” 

Johanna Meyers is afraid her husband could get sick or die if he keeps living naked in the woods.

Meyers’ wife and two children are afraid that he could get sick or die if he keeps living naked in the woods.

The transspecies movement has gained in popularity in recent years and an increasing number of cases of people choosing to live as animals have attracted the attention of the media over recent years.

According to experts, only a small portion of those, like Meyers, actually suffer from medical conditions explaining their lifestyle, while others choose to live this way.

A man convinced he was a pelican attracted some attention on the issue last year after he jumped off a 45-story building and died in New Jersey, thinking he could fly.

According to official statistics, between 3,000 and 5,000 Americans consider themselves to be “transspecies”.

Nov 2021: Trans species man who identifies as a squirrel arrested for stealing two 20 ton peanut trucks

A trans-species man who lives in the woods as a squirrel was arrested this morning by deputies of the Bacon County Sheriff’s Department for hijacking two trucks containing more than twenty tons of peanuts each. 49-year old Barry Wilde is a well known trans-species activist who spends most of his time living the life of a squirrel in 460 acres of wooded area that his parents own in central Georgia. Although he claims to live off the land by eating wild fruits, mushrooms and pine nuts, he’s accused of complementing his food supply with more than 42 tons of peanuts, stolen during two violent heists near Macon in Georgia.

Deputy Eric Smith of the Bacon County Sheriff’s Department, said: “We found two huge heaps of peanuts during our search of the property. We believe he may have already buried half of it in his preparation for winter, as a squirrel would. the accused borrowed a car, a rifle and two pistols from his parent’s home without their knowledge, and used them to hijack two trucks filled with peanuts at gunpoint. Everything used in the robbery can be linked to his parents. Even the rope he used to tie up the drivers was bought by his mother for their home’s flagpole just days before the crimes. The stolen trucks have yet to be recovered.”