A core principle for the Smith Commission must be to ensure that devolved powers granted to Scotland are underwritten by a legal framework that ensures their durability and stability -Swinney did not insist on this and Scotland’s powers are being dismantled piecemeal

The Ekklesia Foundation Shaping Public Policy Ekklesia is a public policy thinkĀ­tank, (one of the UK top 5) headquartered in Edinburgh and London, which examines the role of beliefs and values in shaping policy and politics for the furtherance of social and environmental justice. It is supported by a charitable trust but is fully independent. […]

Boris Johnson is determined that there will be no more independence referendums and devolution will be be rendered impotent bypassed by UK government agencies operating within Scotland but not responsible to the Scottish government. And The UK Stabilisation Unit is closely monitoring Scottish politics, events and personalities and has resources available to deal with any disruption or attempts at destabilisation of the UK.

The UK National Security Council Established on 12 May 2010 the (NSC) of the United Kingdom is a Cabinet Committee tasked with overseeing all issues related to national security, intelligence coordination, and defence strategy. At a stroke it increased the power of the Prime Minister, who chairs the Council, and brought senior Cabinet ministers into […]