Never was the destruction of an ancient state more complete and humiliating than that of Scotland—Never did a people consent so tamely to surrender their liberties, and submit themselves to the overbearing dictation of another kingdom, as the Scots have done. Were our brave, honest, and shrewd ancestors to rise from their graves, and to behold in us, their descendants the wreck and prostration of that glorious principle of nationality which burned so intensely in their bosoms, and for which they so often enthusiastically fought and bled, they would utterly disown and despise us.

I know not whether you have ever thought of the subject which I am to bring under your notice, but I own it has always been a favourite theme with myself, and I address these few lines to you in particular, because I believe you have too much candour to refuse to listen to sentiments that you may be opposed to, or to pronounce opinions absurd, simply because they are not popular, and not recommended fluence.

The Union between Scotland and England was one of the blackest transactions in history; and, like every other measure originating in selfishness, fraud, and injustice, that Union is producing its natural fruits, and promises very soon to realize the worst consequences that our Scottish ancestors anticipated from it — to become, in short, a positive practical nuisance.

In this light the Union is already begun to be considered by many in Scotland, and I should not be surprised but an agitation may ere long be commenced on this side of the Tweed with respect to that matter, which will not merely vindicate Scotsmen from the apathetic indifference with which they have long regarded national rights, but which will, if wisely conducted, be productive of results far transcending in importance every scheme that has yet been propounded for the elevation of our land.

Deeply and conscientiously as I am opposed to the Union however, my hostility does not arise because this bad thing and the other bad thing has been done by England to Scotland. It was easy to foresee, from the nature of the compact entered into between the two kingdoms, that Scotland would be continually getting rubs of this description, and that when England had a purpose of her own to serve, however prejudicial it might be to her weaker neighbour, no obstacle would be allowed to stand in the way of its attainment.

The Scottish Clearances by TM Devine review – lives ruined for profit |  Books | The Guardian

But I base my opposition to the Union on broader ground. I see in it the reduction of my country to a state of vassalage and dependence which no man ought to brook, and which is the more intolerable when one reflects on the treasure that was wasted, the blood spilt, and the heroism displayed by our forefathers to guard their posterity against those very evils of which we have daily cause to complain. And, indeed, in thinking indignantly over these things, I often wonder all the while, whether I am treading on Scottish soil, and if it can be possible that the people I am surrounded by, are the descendants of those who fought at Bannockburn and Stirling Bridge.

It is in vain to tell me that Scotland has thriven since the Union, and that the tranquillity and ease we enjoy is not too much to pay for the annihilation of our independence and very name as a nation : slavery might, on the same principle, be upheld as a good thing by its abettors, because the victims of that system are said to be well cared for, and to get fat under it. But I maintain that the so-called prosperity of Scotland is not owing to the Union, but to the intelligence and indomitable perseverance of Scotsmen; and I have yet to learn that the same, and even an infinitely greater, amount of prosperity might not have been the lot of our country had there been no Union at all.

Highland Clearances | Scottish Tartans Authority

Sure I am, that when Scotland had her own kings and her own parliaments, she was not behind England in the arts of civilized life, or the means of defence either; and as we contemplate her at the present day, she surpasses her southern sister in energy and enterprise, and in all those moral and physical qualities that ought to make a people prosperous and happy.

But although Scotland has thus abundantly within herself the elements of becoming a great nation, she is sternly interdicted from stretching out her arms and bringing those elements into play : England must first be consulted before a single step can be taken by Scotland in any walk of improvement; and here it is that the Union is felt to be a degrading and oppressive grievance.

Then, again, as to political advancement, the returns to Parliament demonstrate that our people are more inclined to take on the impress of democratic institutions than the English are; yet this avails us nothing, for the voice of our Scottish members, in the misnamed British Senate, is drowned amidst the tumultuous clamours of iron-hearted Tories, bloated corruptionists, and hordes of other venal creatures, who have been sent by the pure and enlightened constituencies of England to manage the business of the realm, and to bear down all opposition before them.

Study reveals extent of links between slave money and Highland estates

Nay, such is the direful effects of the Union on the progress of Scotland, that (without stopping to enumerate the instances in which it lias been manifested of late) though the aspirations of the Scotch after national regeneration were to be of the most magnificent and compendious description, and enforced in Parliament by the patriotic fire and fervid eloquence of another Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun, John Bull would scowl upon and laugh at all such schemes, just because he did not understand them, and had not a soul to be moved by them.

With these facts before me, and looking at the practical bearings of the whole subject, I venture to assert, that had Scotland been blessed with an independent government of her own, uncontaminated by English influence, cheering as the picture is that she now’ presents in some particulars, it would have been more cheering still.

Highland Clearances

Scottish enterprise would have had a wider field to exert itself in than it has, the land which God intended to he dug and cultivated minutely, would not have been lying waste or locked up in the custody of a few selfish aristocrats, who, besides spending the produce of it on hunting horses, idleness, and luxury, have the power, when it pleases them, to beggar, starve, and banish, the men and women born on it, and who have a better title to live by their industry on the fruits of it than their tyrants have.

The Highlands and Isles of Scotland, instead of exhibiting, as they now do, the unsightly spectacle of vast experimental gardens of misrule and despotism, would have been (under the eye of a paternal legislature of our own, always ready and on the spot to examine into the wants and necessities of those secluded regions), flourishing and productive provinces; and the chieftains living there, as Fletcher says, would have got “knocked on the head,” had they dared to tread down and rob their clansmen, as they have for half a century past done, and are still doing.

Scottish Clearances - the removal of an Indigenous people | (We) can do  better

Enormous as these evils are, however, it is, I fear, almost hopeless for the people of Scotland to try and grapple with them while the Union with England continues. England is herself subject to the rod of an imperious oligarchy, whose ancestors, in the days of William the Bastard, won her by the sword, and it is the interest of these men that the privileges of their order, to pillage, and destroy mankind, should in no corner of the British empire be trenched on, or even called into question.

Hence Highland destitution and misery; hence such large ill-gotten estates as those of the Dukes of Sutherland and Buccleuch,— estates which, instead of belonging to two men, ought to be broken up and parcelled out in property among tens of thousands of men.

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Now, Sir, I put it to you to say, whether we, as Scotchmen, ought to endure such a state of things as this?_or whether Edward the first, better known as the Murderer of Wallace, whose fiendish hatred of Scotland was so inveterate, that he spent his last breath in maledicting her, could have desired to have our country more thoroughly under his feet than the Queen of England and her Parliament have it at this moment?

Some worthy well-meaning individuals propose to counter balance the malign effects of English ascendancy, by contending for having what they call “federal parliaments,’’ to manage local concerns. But this implies English connection, a thing I, for one, abhor; and, besides, the only benefit that a local parliament could confer upon Scotland, would be that it might save persons the expense of sending agents to London to look after their interests, which are probably as well attended to there already, as they would be even in Edinburgh; for, I believe, it is notorious, that when any local Scotch affair, not involving points of Divinity or Politics, is to be legislated on, English members do not trouble the House much with their presence, and the Scotch, in general, thereby get all their ends quietly accomplished.

Scottish landowners deny new Highland Clearances

Moreover, it is a degradation of the whole question, and a useless expenditure of our strength, to try and stir up a general movement for the sake of the paltry advantages that a mere federal parliament would confer on us, and Scotsmen, in volunteering their aid and countenance to forward such projects, give but too much colour to the supposition that they unintentionally act and think as if their country had always been an appendage of England, and that they are in the habit, like the Irish, of obsequiously blessing England for any little favour she might deign to dole out to them.

No! Scotland in her best days never dealt with England on these beggarly conditions, and when she comes to treat with that realm again, she will, I trust, assume an attitude that will atone for the foul stain the Union cast on her, and the parties who conclude the treaty will not be a parcel of crazed “gown-men,” who valued not national honour, provided they could get their own fanatical Presbyterian Kirk preserved, or treacherous nobles and gentry, who Lad often before sold their native land to her enemies; but, they will be the high-minded people of Scotland at large, who, animated by a consciousness of their own integrity and their own strength, have bravely combined to rid their country of a yoke that was gradually enslaving and destroying her, and to restore her to that rank among the States of Europe which she of old so respectably filled.

The Decolonial Atlas a Twitter: "Remembering the Highland Clearances  (Fuadaichean nan Gàidheal - "eviction of the Gaels"), and the resistance  movement it incited. In Scotland, there is an ancient principle called  dùthchas

Yes, Scotland, contemned and despised Scotland, has still a soul to aspire to more dignified aims than the ability of getting a few local bills passed now and then by a sort of mock legislature of her own ; and as it is no doubt taken for granted by federalists that we are to swear allegiance to the same chief magistrate that the English do, this very circumstance of itself, though we had a federal parliament sitting at the back of Saint Giles’ tomorrow, would always give England the pretense to levy what taxes she pleased on Scotland, and to enmesh us in expensive wars and other abominations, just as she is doing at present. Such, appearing, then to me to be the results of federalism, I can see no cure for the evils of the Union, no method by which the practical skill and mental resources of Scotchmen can be fully and fairly developed, both at home and abroad, but to cast off all legislative connection with England whatever, and to acknowledge no other intimacy with that kingdom than what friendly intercourse, unlimited trade, and mutual protection from unprovoked foreign aggression require.

Mankind, Sir, will not now be contented with half-and-half temporary expedients. Truth is what is sought for ; and there being no denying that a crisis has arrived when Scotland, in order to keep pace with the spirit of the age, behoves to occupy a far different position from what she has hitherto done with reference to England, it is necessary that that position, to be free and unfettered, must, to all intents and purposes, be an independent and absolute, not a controllable and subordinate one. In other words, I contend for Scotland having the same power that she possessed in the days of her Alexanders, Roberts and James’s, to enact her own laws, levy her own taxes, enter into what treaties she pleases with foreign dominions, supply her own means of defence, internally and externally ; and while she studiously avoids interfering with, or encroaching on the privileges of other kingdoms, she will he as jealous and watchful in protecting herself from similar aggression.

PPT - The Highland Clearances PowerPoint Presentation, free download -  ID:3044499

Let Scotsmen but once in this manner assume to themselves the exclusive management of their own affairs, in their own way, and I much mistake them if they do not make Scotland, as to all that concerns her social, educational, and material weal, in reality “ the envy of surrounding nations.’’

Every spot of earth capable of tillage, which is now lying barren and useless, would be brought into cultivation; pauperism, and that revolting practice which our Scottish nobles and gentry have so long with impunity, to the eternal disgrace of the nation, been permitted to indulge in, viz. the “clearing” of estates, and compulsory banishment of our fellow countrymen into foreign climes, would no more be heard of, there would be no lack of employment for every man who is able and willing to work; the deserted glens of the Highlands in particular would be re-peopled as of old with thousands of industrious mountaineers, who would have freedom to enioy the fruits of their labour without the dread of any rapacious landlord or domineering factor to burn their houses above their heads, scatter their poor families, and expel them from their holdings.

The EU turned Scotland's Highland region into a model of economic success –  will Brexit reverse that?

But the question occurs, How are these animating prospects to be realized, and what mode of government t. would be best suited to promote the interests of Scotsmen, and perpetually secure to them the complete enjoyment of those prerogatives and benefits I am supposing to be within their reach?

It seems to me, that, for these purposes, the Union ought to be dissolved out and out, and that the same deed which annuls the Union ought to invest every sane man, without exception, with the privilege of electing those who are to rule over him. But as the right exercise of the suffrage would be incompatible with the existence of monarchy. and a hereditary feudal aristocracy, both these useless, tyrannical, and all-devouring institutions would require to be swept away, and the nation declared to be a Republic, open to exchange commodities with the whole world, without let or hindrance.

To such an adjustment of affairs as this, the genius of our people, and the condition of our country, seem both to be peculiarly adapted, and it has the additional merit of being just and expedient in itself, and of harmonizing essentially in spirit with those enlarged schemes for the settlement of Scotland which were advocated at the time of the Union by that generous and enlightened patriot to whom I have already alluded, viz., Fletcher of Saltoun,—a man who devoted his life to the extirpation of despotism, and the establishment of freedom all the world over, and who was inspired with a detestation of English domination, and desire to advance the welfare of Scotland, which many of our noisy declaimers of this age would do well to try and imitate.

The years of self confidence

But whatever form of government the Scottish people may choose for themselves, it is manifest that an entire separation from England, in a political and legislative sense, is imperative, both for our safety and well-being. England is obviously actuated by maxims at home and views abroad, which will prove ruinous to herself, and, of course, involve in a like fate every other state that has the misfortune to be entangled with her. I ask the people of Scotland then to take these things into consideration, feebly and inadequately expressed though they be ; and if my poor attempts to arouse my countrymen from their slumbers, and to touch them with a sense of the degraded position they occupy, shall have the effect of bringing an advocate into the field better qualified than I can pretend to be to go into details, and to do justice to the subject generally, I will have got my utmost wishes gratified.

Of yore Scotsmen required no stimulus to prompt them to install an energetic exertion, when their rights were trampled on, and their national honor invaded. How much stronger is the necessity now for our resuming a portion of the spirit of our ancestors, when our fatherland, in consequence of being united to England, has been sunk into a contemptible province, stripped of her very name, deprived of the power to remove those crying evils which afflict her, both socially and politically^ and when she is left with no other memorials of her former dignity and independence but the moss- covered ruins of her palaces and citadels, whose gigantic fragments but too emphatically tell what Scotland once was, and what she now is.

Never was the destruction of an ancient state more complete and humiliating than that of Scotland;—never did a people consent so tamely to surrender their liberties, and submit themselves to the overbearing dictation of another kingdom, as the Scotch have done. No amount of prosperity, whether commercial or agricultural, can excuse or palliate mean conduct like this ; and however much we may boast ourselves of our enlightenment, and the pretended happiness we enjoy under English rule, were our unpolished, but brave, honest, and shrewd Scottish ancestors to rise from their graves, and to behold in us their descendants the wreck and prostration of that glorious principle of nationality which burned so intensely in their bosoms, and for which they so often enthusiastically fought and bled, they would utterly disown and despise us.

I am, Sir, your obedient Servant,

JOHN STEILL 14th Nov 1844

Highland Clearances – mks con brio

Its a stonewall certainty that Sturgeon will force her transgender agenda on Scotland – Rich men are calling the tune

Stuart Waiton: Why is the state pushing harmful transgender agenda? |  HeraldScotland

Vastly rich investors in biomedical companies are funding a myriad of transgender organizations worldwide

The power of the business group is frightening. Women’s safe spaces have been wiped out and previously secure doors are opened to any man who choses to identify as a woman. A rapid cultural change is happening at a meteoric pace without consideration for women and girls’ safety, or public debate.

The English language is being assailed with with new pronouns coupled with a sustained assault on those organisations/individuals who fail to adopt them. Laws mandating new speech are being passed. Laws overriding biological sex with the amorphous concept of gender identity are being institutionalised. Anyone daring to voice opinion contrary to the “new way” are being ostracised from society and their livelihoods threatened.

But is the attack on society really about body dysphoria, could there be a hidden agenda with financial gain as the driving force?

Surely not capitalism, a vehicle notorious for consuming social justice movements?

Oh yes it is. The transgender lobby and associated organizations is funded by these billionaires (selected from an even longer list) through their organizations and corporations:

Jennifer Pritzker (a male who identifies as transgender)
Martine Rothblatt (a male who identifies as transgender and transhumanist)
Tim Gill (a gay man)
Drummond Pike.
Warren and Peter Buffett.
Jon Stryker (a gay man)
Mark Bonham (a gay man)
Ric Weiland (a deceased gay man whose philanthropy is still LGBT-oriented)

Lesbian Group Attack LGBT+ Rights Charity Stonewall For Their 'Trans Agenda'  • GCN

The mechanics of change

Separating transgender issues from LGBT infrastructure is not an easy task, but the wealthiest donors have been funding LGB institutions well before they became LGBT-oriented, and only in some instances are monies earmarked specifically for transgender issues. Some of these billionaires fund the LGBT through their myriad companies, multiplying their contributions many times over in ways that are also difficult to track.

Financial support is sifted through anonymous funding organizations such as the Tides Foundation, founded and operated by Drummond Pike. Large corporations, philanthropists, and organizations send enormous sums of money to the Tides Foundation, specifying the direction the finance is to go and have the funds get to their destination anonymously. The foundation creates a legal firewall and tax shelter and funds political campaigns, often using legally dubious tactics.

The financers identified and others, including pharmaceutical companies and governments, (including the SNP) are providing millions to LGBT causes.

Global spending on LGBT is now estimated to be £400m.

From 2003-2013, reported funding for transgender issues increased more than eightfold, growing at three times the increase of LGBTQ funding overall, which quadrupled from 2003 to 2012.

The spike in funding occurred at the same time transgenderism began gaining traction worldwide. The investment is sufficient to provide impetus to changing laws, uprooting language and forcing new speech on the public and too censor and create atmospheres of threat for those who do not comply with gender identity ideology.

The Trans Agenda : r/GaySoundsShitposts

Transgenderism: The New Medical and Lifestyle Market

The first gender clinic for children opened in Boston US in 2007 and over the past ten years, more than 30 clinics for children with purported gender dysphoria have opened for business in the United States, the largest serving 725 patients.

In support of the foregoing, there has been an explosion in transgender medical infrastructure across the United States and increasingly in the wider world to “treat” transgender people. In addition to gender clinics proliferating, hospital wings are being built for specialized surgeries, and many medical institutions are clamouring to get on board with the new developments.

Doctors are being trained in cadaver symposiums across the world in all manner of surgeries related to transgender individuals, including phalloplasty, vaginoplasty, facial feminization surgery, urethral procedures, and more.

More and more corporations are covering transgender surgeries, drugs, and other expenses.

Endocrinologists seeking the fountain of youth in hormones for more than a generation, and the subsequent earnings for marketing those hormones, are still on a quest for gold.

Puberty blockers are another growing market. The plastic surgery arm of medicine is staged for an infusion of cash as well as organ transplants, especially womb transplants for men identifying as women who may want future pregnancies.

These surgeries are already being practiced on animals and the first successful womb implant from a deceased female donor to another female has already been a success.

Biogenetics is poised to be the investment of the future, says Rothblatt, who has headed a massive pharmaceutical corporation and is now heavily invested in biogenetics and transplants.

Transgenderism has certainly made its way into the marketplace, so it seems important to consider the implications of this as we pass laws regarding transgender individuals’ and our civil liberties.

Transgenderism sits square in the middle of the medical industrial complex, which is by some estimates even bigger than the military industrial complex.

With the medical infrastructure being built, doctors being trained for various surgeries, clinics opening at warp speed, and the media celebrating it, transgenderism is poised for growth.

The LGB, a once-tiny group of people trying to love those of the same sex openly and be treated equally within society, has likely already been subsumed by capitalism and is now infiltrated by the medical industrial complex via transgenderism.

Biden's trans agenda met with growing backlash in US as Republican  governors block reforms

Who Works to Institutionalize Transgender Ideology?

Much more important than funds going directly to the LGBT lobby and organizations, (only a fraction of which trickles down to assist people who identify as transgender) is the money invested by financers, governments, and technology and pharmaceutical corporations to institutionalize and normalize transgenderism as a lifestyle choice. They are shaping the narrative about transgenderism and normalizing it within the culture using their funding methods. Hardly a coincidence when the very thing absolutely essential to those transitioning are pharmaceuticals and technology.

Medical experts challenge transgender ideology in science video for schools

The Financiers

The case study that follows is used to reduce the length of this article and because it exemplfies the system.

The Pritzkers are an American family of philanthropic billionaires worth around $30bn, a fortune gestated by Hyatt Hotels and nursing homes. They now have massive investments in the medical industrial complex. Examining just a few of provides indication of their reach and influence as a family, especially as regards the transgender project and their relationship to the medical industrial complex. It is important to remember that transitioning individuals are medical patients for life and the Pritzker family are not an anomaly in their funding trajectory or investments in the medical-industrial complex.

Jennifer Pritzker: Once a family man and a decorated member of the armed forces, now identifies as transgender. He has made transgenderism a high note in philanthropic funding through his Tawani Foundation. He is one of the largest contributors to transgender causes and, with his family, an enormous influence in the rapid institutionalization of transgenderism.

Some of the organizations Pritzker owns and funds are especially noteworthy to examining the rapid induction of transgender ideology into medical, legal and educational institutions.

Pritzker owns Squadron Capital, an acquisitions corporation, with a focus on medical technology, medical devices, and orthopaedic implants, and the Tawani Foundation, a philanthropic organization with a grants focus on Gender & Human Sexuality.

Pritzker sits on the leadership council of the Program of Human Sexuality at the University of Minnesota, to which he also committed $8m over the past decade. Among many other organizations and institutions Pritzker funds are Lurie Children’s Hospital, a medical centre for gender non-conforming children, serving 400 children in Chicago; the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago; a chair of transgender studies at the University of Victoria (the first of its kind); and the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto. He also funds the American Civil Liberties Union and his family funds Planned Parenthood, two significant organizations for institutionalizing female-erasing language and support for transgender causes. Planned Parenthood also recently decided to get into the transgender medical market.

Pritzker funds strategically, as does his family, by giving to universities that become beholden to his ideology, whose students go on to spread gender ideology by writing pro-trans articles in medical journals and elsewhere.

Pritzker’s uncle and aunt, John and Lisa Pritzker, gave $25m to the University of California at San Francisco for a centre of children’s psychiatry. Jennifer likewise funds hospitals and medical schools where the alumni go on to create transgender specialties and LGBT medical centre’s, even though lesbians, gays, and bisexuals don’t need specialized medical services.

Penny Pritzker: Served on President Obama’s Council for Jobs and Competitiveness and Economic Recovery Advisory Board. She was national co-chair of Obama for America 2012 and national finance chair of Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. To say she was influential in getting the American president elected would be an understatement.

As Obama’s secretary of commerce, Pritzker helped create the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL), by facilitating an award of $70 million from the U.S. Department of Commerce, the first funding of its kind. Obama made transgenderism a pet issue of his administration, holding a meeting at the White House (the first ever) for transgenderism.

The administration quietly applied the power of the executive branch to make it easier for transgender people to alter their passports, get cross-sex treatment at Veteran’s Administration facilities, and access public school restrooms and sports programs based on gender identity. These are just a few of the transgender-specific policy shifts of Obama’s presidency.

Penny Pritzker funds the Harvard School of Public Health and, with her husband through their mutual foundation, the Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation, are funding early childhood initiatives as well as providing scholarships to Harvard University medical students.

The Boston Children’s Hospital Gender Management Services wing physicians are all affiliated with Harvard Medical School. Penny Pritzker also sat on the board at Harvard, where student life offices teach students, many of whom go on to lead U.S. institutions, that “there are more than two sexes.”

J.B. Pritzker: Brother of Penny he is an American venture capitalist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and business owner. He is co-founder of the Pritzker Group, a private investment firm that invests in digital technology and medical companies, including Clinical Innovations, which has a global presence.

Clinical Innovations is one of the largest medical device companies and in 2017 acquired Brenner Medical, another significant medical group offering innovative products in the fields of obstetrics and gynaecology.

He provided seed funding for Matter, a start-up incubator for medical technology based in Chicago. He also sits on the board of directors at his alma mater, Duke University, where they are making advances in cryopreserving women’s ovaries.

He was elected governor of Illinois in 2018 and put $25 million into an Obama administration public-private initiative totalling $1 billion for early childhood education.

He and his wife, M.K. Pritzker, donated $100 million to North-western University School of Law, partly for scholarships and partly for the school’s “social justice” and childhood law work.

There doesn’t seem to be a sphere of influence that is untouched by Pritzker money, from early childhood education and universities to law, medical institutions, the LGBT lobby and organizations, politics, and the military.

Gender critters crack the code between vaccination, the trans agenda, big  aluminum and big pharma. - Imgur

If the Pritzker’s were the only ones funding the institutionalization of transgender ideology they would still be fantastically influential, but they are joined by other exceedingly wealthy, influential white men, who also have ties to the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Listed below are several current activities of Pritzker-funded medical school alumni and recipients of Pritzker money.

James Hekman: Founded the LGBT medical care center in Lakewood Ohio.

David T. Rubin: Sits on the advisory board of Accordant/CVS Caremark, the largest pharmaceutical chain in the United States. CVS acquired Target department stores’ pharmacies in 2015. Target, is the site of a major social controversy about unisex bathrooms and is a corporate funder of the trans-pushing Human Rights Campaign activist group.

Loren Schecter: Is the author of the first surgical atlas for transgender surgery, author of pro-trans journals, was awarded for legal advocacy of transgenders, performs reconstructive surgeries, and is director of transfeminine conferences sponsored by World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH). He also performs reconstructive surgeries at Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Schecter is also the “surgeons only sessions chair” on the Scientific Program Committee of the newly formed United States arm of WPATH (World Professional Association of Transgender Health), USPATH, holding conferences in Los Angeles for surgeons in transgender surgeries.

Robert Garofalo: A gay man, is director of the St. Lurie children’s gender clinic, head of the hospital’s division of adolescent medicine, and a professor of paediatrics a: North-western University, which J.B. Pritzker (whom we will meet later) funds.

Benjamin N. Breyer: Is chief of urology at San Francisco General Hospital and a professor at the University of California at San Francisco, specializing in transgender surgery.

Nicholas Matte: Teaches at the Mark Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto, with a specialty in queer studies. Pritzker also funds the Bonham Centre. He lectures around the US on transgender issues, and espouses the idea that we are not a sexually dimorphic species.

Mark Hyman: Is the Pritzker Foundation Chair in functional medicine at the Cleveland Clinic and director of the Cleveland Clinic Centre for Functional Medicine. Cleveland Clinic conducted the United States’ first uterus transplant.

Baylor College of Medicine: Is on the receiving end of the Pritzker School of Medicine’s “pipeline programs” for people studying to be doctors. Baylor is where the nation’s first child was born from a uterus transplant as part of an experimental program funding the procedure for 10 women in order to develop uterus transplants ultimately health insurance and taxpayers will pay for rather than being relegated to elective infertility treatment.

Jennifer Pritzker: Has also helped normalize transgender individuals in the military with a $1.35 million grant to the Palm Center, a University of California, Santa Barbara-based LGBT think tank, to create research validating military transgenderism. He has also donated $25 million to Norwich University in Vermont, a military academy and the first school to launch a Naval Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program.

Pritzker’s funding is worldwide reaching other countries via WPATH, in conferences for physicians studying transgender surgery and funding of international universities.

The media campaigns for Amazon to cancel another book critical of trans  agenda | The Bridgehead

Pharmaceuticals, and technology giants worldwide support the transgender agenda

Along with support by pharmaceutical giants such as Janssen Therapeutics, the health foundation of a Johnson and Johnson founder, Viiv, Pfizer, Abbott Laboratories, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, and Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, major technology corporations including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, Dell, and IBM are also funding the transgender project. In February 2017, Apple, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Yelp, PayPal, and 53 other mainly tech corporations signed up to an amicus brief seeking the authority of the U.S. Supreme Court to prohibit schools from keeping private facilities for students designated according to sex.

The radical trans agenda is starting to take its toll | The Post Millennial


Society needs to look urgently at the what the real agenda is in commissioning a lifetime of anti-body medical treatments for less than 1% of the population.

Conflating civil rights with a manufactured medical issue only perpetuates and grows the problem.

Transgenderism is classed as a medical problem for the gender dysphoria of children who need puberty blockers and are being groomed for a lifetime of medicalization, but also as a brave and original lifestyle choice for adults.

The underlying suggestion is that we are all trans human, that changing our bodies by removing healthy tissue and organs and ingesting cross-sex hormones over the course of a lifetime can be likened to wearing make-up, dying our hair, or getting a tattoo. If we are all trans human, expressing that could be a never-ending saga of body-related consumerism.

The massive medical and technological infrastructure expansion for a tiny (but growing) fraction of the population with gender dysphoria, along with the money being funnelled to this project by those heavily invested in the medical and technology industries, seems to make sense only in the context of expanding markets for changing the human body.

Trans activists are already clamouring for a change from “gender dysphoria” to “gender incongruence” in the next revision to the international register of mental diagnosis codes, the ICD-11.

The push is on for insurance-paid hormones and surgeries for anyone who believes his or her body is in any way “incongruent” with his or her “gender identity.”

Bodily diversity appears to be the core issue, not gender dysphoria. That and unlinking people from their biology via language distortions, to normalize altering human biology. Institutionalizing transgender ideology does just this.

The ideology is being promoted as a civil rights issue by wealthy, white, men with enormous influence who stand to personally benefit from their political activities.

The foregoing article summarises one published in the Federalist by Jennifer Bilek in February 2018: Lots more information here:

Transgender Agenda on Trial


1919 – Westminster declared martial law over the destitute citizens of Glasgow and confined Scottish soldiers to their barracks then illegally deployed an English army battle group to police Scots in lockdown – Yes it is true!!!

The Battle of George Square

Scotland’s – Claim of Right Act 1689 states: “That the sending of an army in a hostile manner upon any part of Scotland in peacetime is contrary to law”

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The Birth of Red Clydeside

Before and during the First World War, there was no statutory standard working week in the UK although it was generally accepted that the norm was 54 hours.

During the war the coalition government attempted to impose, “the Munitions Act,” “the Dilution of Labour Act” and the “Defence of the Realm Act,” upon workers providing the government with draconian powers to negate long-fought-for pay rates and conditions for skilled work, and to crack down on opposition. The measures were resisted strongly by the Clyde Workers’ Committee (CWC) in Glasgow.

At the war end the armed forces were demobilized and returned home to the labour market. The infusion of the large body of new workers seeking work in an rapidly shrinking economy base resulted in a steep rise in the unemployed and resultant hardship and discontent.

In the absence of any initiative from the government in Westminster a number of Trades Unions in Glasgow addressed the issue and brought forward proposals which if accepted by the government and employers would reduce the working week to 40 hours expanding the labour market and reducing unemployment.

After weeks of negotiations a provisional agreement was achieved, between government, employers and some Union officials, providing for the introduction of a 47 hour week, (applicable to shipbuilding and engineering trades only) at some time in 1919.

Shop Stewards of the (CWC) in Glasgow rejected the offer and tabled a counter bid supported by limiting the standard working week to 40 hours with paid tea-breaks (removed under the 47 hour week offer) restored.

Battle of George Square 100 years on that saw British troops suppress  striking workers - Daily Record

1919 The Battle of George Square

A strike meeting (over 3,000 attended) was held at the St Andrews Halls on Monday 27 January. Immediately after which 40,000 workers downed tools, answering the call to strike. By Friday 31 January the number of workers on strike had risen to 60,000 plus. United action by workers, (on this scale) had not been seen in Scotland since the Weavers of Glasgow’s, Calton District had engaged their employers in a long and bitter dispute over wages and basic justice in 1787, which ended with the murder of a number of weavers by government forces. A later insurrection in 1820 again ended in the death of protestors and deportation to the colonies of many activists and their families.

On Friday 31 January the strikers were invited to a meeting in George Square at which it was intended that the Lord Provost Sir James Watson Stewart would issue the official response from the Westminster government to the unions’ request for government intervention in the dispute. A large crowd of strikers (marshalled by a large police force) gathered in George Square to witness the statement. But faced with a noisy crowd the Lord Provost instead invited representatives of the CWC (led by David Kirkwood) and the Glasgow Trades Council (represented by Emanual Shinwell) into the Glasgow City Chambers for a briefing.

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Not long after the start of the briefing the Lord Provost was alerted to trouble outside the City Chambers and asked Kirkwood and Shinwell to intervene and establish order. They agreed, left the meeting and ventured outside, to be immediately ambushed by a group of police who knocked Kirkwood to the ground and arrested the delegation on a charge of “instigating and inciting large crowds of persons to form part of a riotous mob. What sparked the riot has never been formally established but many witnesses (independent of the incident) blamed the actions of mounted police, who it is alleged (acting on secret government orders) had launched a baton wielding charge on the crowd without provocation.

What is fact is the impact of the confrontation between the protestors and the police. The crowds attempts to get away from George Square were thwarted by “night stick” wielding police who had deployed forces at each of the potential escape routes effectively “Kettling” the protestors. This resulted in pitched battles between armed police and unarmed demonstrators. The folly of precipitating the confrontation dawned (too late) on the police as a riot then ensued, over which they had no control. Iron Railings, cobble stones and bottles were used in defence against the police truncheons and dispersing the crowd proved to be beyond the police presence. The fighting between the police and protestors spread to other parts of the city and throughout the day and well into the evening many men women and children suffered injuries inflicted by an out of control police force. There were many arrests and Duke Street Prison was filled to capacity. Many strikers were later tried at the High Court in Edinburgh and sentenced to varying jail terms.

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English soldiers posing with their tanks Glasgow 1919

The Bolshevist Uprising in Glasgow

An uneasy calm returned to Glasgow, over the weekend but the intervention of the “Scottish Secretary” who described the rioting as a “Bolshevist Uprising” proved to be the catalyst for deploying the armed forces to the streets of Glasgow.

The Coalition government (led by David Lloyd George) over-reacted, sending 10,000 English soldiers (heavily armed with heavy machine guns, howitzers and Tanks) to Glasgow.

The “Battle Group” (the largest deployment of English soldiers on Scottish soil since the Battle of Culloden) arrived on Friday 7 February 1919.

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Tanks at the Cattle Market  Glasgow 1919

Martial Law was imposed on Glasgow and this was strictly enforced on the public by zealous English soldiers who took control of the City Centre positioning heavy machine guns on the top of the Post Office building and The North British Hotel.

A large howitzer was placed at the entrance to the City Chambers. City-wide English soldiers were deployed in force patrolling the streets, completing stop and search and ID checks on Glaswegians and guarding the docks, power stations and other key installations.

An eyewitness said ‘the whole city bristled with tanks and machine guns’.

The force was withdrawn from Glasgow on 16 February and located, for a time in barracks elsewhere in Scotland.

The government fearing that Scottish soldiers might not obey orders to take action against their countrymen issued orders that they would be confined to barracks for the duration of the deployment of the English force to Glasgow.

The Highland Light Infantry (almost exclusively Glaswegian) were disarmed and detained in Maryhill Barracks.

1919 – Westminster Placed Scottish Troops on Lock-Down in …

English soldiers being transported to Glasgow  1919

After the Riot

Manny Shinwell, William Gallacher and David Kirkwood were jailed for several months. The striking workers returned to work with the guarantee of a 47-hour week, ten hours less than they were working beforehand.

Three years later, in the 1922 GE, Scotland elected 29 Labour MPs, (including the 40 Hour Strike organizers and Independent Labour Party members Manny Shinwell and David Kirkwood.). The epithet of Red Clydeside was established.

Battle of George Square 100 years on that saw British troops suppress  striking workers - Daily Record

110 years later – Are there parallels to be drawn?

Scottish society has changed little in the last 110 years. Much of the poverty that existed at the time of the riot is still present today. Unionist governments in Westminster have taken Scotland’s young men to war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Serbia and other countries, without justification, spending obscene amounts of money whilst imposing massive cuts in key services such as education, welfare, infrastructure, and the NHS.

Social housing building in Scotland has been stagnant under successive Unionist Tory & Labour) governments and this has placed many families at the mercy of greedy landlords who raise rents without justification.

In Glasgow there are many hundreds of newly refurbished flats lying empty, the cost of purchase being well beyond that of the typical Glaswegian.  A situation that forces many families onto the streets. Where is the affordable housing promised by successive Tory and Labour governments?

The banking crash of 2007/8 brought with it many job redundancies and house repossessions as the resultant depression impacted on the economy. Yet not one UK banker went to jail for participating in the biggest banking frauds in history. Instead they were rewarded for their efforts, being allowed to operate much as before including awarding themselves and their fraudulent colleagues with undeserved massive multi-million pound bonuses whilst many thousands of Scots were thrown of society’s scrapheap never to work again.

Ten years later the Unionist government in Westminster was still asset stripping the poor through the use of an “Austerity Plan” put in place by the Tory Party. A plan which took on debt from the Labour government of around £800 billion and increased it to nearly £2 Trillion.

Iceland meantime jailed the bankers, imposed massive restrictions and returned their economy to balance within 5 years.

Churchill rolled the tanks into the crowd': mythology and reality in the  military deployment to Glasgow in 1919