The Scottish National Party? has lost it’s way and the 2015 intake of Amazonian “wanabee” politicians promoted beyond their capabilities by the SNP leadership are now running the show and independence is not the motivating factor that drives them politically. They are not prepared to game the system preferring to stick with the status quo which provides them with all the taxpayer finance they need to progress their WOKE agenda to the detriment of the nation.

Independence supporters need to get a grip and seize the agenda An Independent Scotland will remain a dream until Scots rally under one banner and defeat the forces of evil that have held Scotland captive for over 300 years. In the years leading up to and after the signing of the infamous “Treaty of Union” […]

Methane heavy air expelled by heavyweight Unionist farts at Westminster is destroying the only there for the money weak and ineffectual farts from Nationalist MP’s- climate change will only be achieved by radical action. Bring them home now

Nicola Sturgeon’s Speech at the Doors of Westminster “The SNP will be the principled opposition in this place to the Conservative government. The SNP has worked long and hard in this election to make Scotland’s voice heard. To have people in Scotland in such overwhelming numbers put their trust in us is fantastic, but also is […]

The Smith Commission

Devolution powers shelved at the last minute from Smith Commission report New powers were formally committed to in the heavily promoted Unionist “Vow” made in the last few days before the 2014 independence referendum. The Smith Commission Panel subsequently agreed to a full devolution of abortion law, the creation of a separate Scottish Health & […]