The Scottish National Party? has lost it’s way and the 2015 intake of Amazonian “wanabee” politicians promoted beyond their capabilities by the SNP leadership are now running the show and independence is not the motivating factor that drives them politically. They are not prepared to game the system preferring to stick with the status quo which provides them with all the taxpayer finance they need to progress their WOKE agenda to the detriment of the nation.

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Independence supporters need to get a grip and seize the agenda

An Independent Scotland will remain a dream until Scots rally under one banner and defeat the forces of evil that have held Scotland captive for over 300 years.

In the years leading up to and after the signing of the infamous “Treaty of Union” political rivalries encouraged an avaricous elite to abuse their status and sign away Scotland’s independence.

And English politicians at Westminster were quick to seize the opportunities gifted to them. They destroyed the Scottish economy by removing acccess to foreign trade through Scottish ports making a potentially difficult exercise easy by blockading the seas around Scotland commandeering or sinking any ship not flying the red ensign.

They betrayed just about all of the written undertakings they had signed off to in the “treaty” not to interfere in the internal affairs or governance of Scotland. The independence of the Scottish legal system was rapidly eroded, then eliminated and replaced with Westminster dictates. Scots are now unable to “fart” without the permission of Westminster politicians.

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Westminster politicians always fearful of the strength of the Scottish Clan system, that had denied them the freedom to control and subjugate Scots for hundreds of years set about destroying it using their tried and tested division and rule tactics playing one Clan against another feeding on the greed of influential individuals whose eyes were diverted away from the welfare of their friends and families by the glint of English gold. But these measures were time consuming and progress was slow so they played the religious card pitting Central and Southern Scots against their brothers in the North with the promise that the United Kingdom would become one of the most propersous countries in the World if only the “Church of Rome” followers in the North could be brought to heel.

Support for Scottish independence at record high

The 1745 rebellion provided Westminster with just that opportunity. The “Jacobites” who supported the return of Charles to the throne of England and Scotland took their fight to the gates of London only to be betrayed by the French and English who failed to link with them and carry the battle to London. The long retreat of the “jacobite” army back to the highlands of Scotland was not made easier by the refusal of Scots occupying the lands below the “Firth of Tay” to provide shelter, food or indeed any assistance to them.

The demoralisd and almost defenceless “Jacobites” were wiped out at the “Massacre of Culloden” and in the 15 years that followed an English army garrisoned Scotland, north of the Tay and ruled the region through martial law.

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Not content with these measures Westminster then removed Scotland’s troublesome leaders by eliminating the “clan” system and anyone associated with it and removed all lands north of the Tay from Scottish ownership transferring all of it to the English aristocracy and their supporters.

But there remained problems yet to resolve namely removal of any threat of violence forever against the new English landowners and a need to release English army forces who had been occupying the North of Scotland for many years, to fight new wars in Europe and further afield as England expanded it’s empire.

The solution was to “clear the lands “North of the Tay” of anyone whom the landlords wished to get “shot of”. The clearances did just that. Near 90% of Scots living in the North were thrown off the crofts they had lived on for centuries and hundreds of thousands of their families were forced onto small boats, incapable of safe ocean going and transferred to the new colony’s on the other side of the Atlantic. Many thousands didn’t make the journey and were dumped overboard to feed the fishes.

The enslavement and forced shipping abroad of so many Northern Scots, for that was what it was, solved a problem for the English Landlords who were able to flood their ill-gotten lands with sheep making fortunes from the sale of mutton and wool to the many new armies Westminster was deploying in it’s invasion of countries all over the “new World”. But Westminster achieved it’s principle objective.

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It would no longer get it’s arse kicked by rebellious Scots whose finest fighting men perished at the hands of their own countrymen at the “Massacre of Culloden”. Scotland died that day and the English landlords still have control and ownership of the North of Scotland and many other parts.

I believe it is impossible to snuff out a dream and Scotland might yet return to the league of nations a free land but we need a charismatic leader capable of gathering and leading many hundreds of Scots already sworn to the common cause of independence, nullifying the impact of the many political conspirators and rabble rousers placed in Scottish society “feathering their own nest” in reward by their Unionist party mentors.

Is there such a person in Scotland at this time?

Alex Salmond? No, he is a very able elder statesman who need to be called upon to voice his opinion at times when the impact of his intervention can be assured.

Facebook warriors? No, Their memberships’ thinking is disparate and it is this volatility that is holding the cause of independence back. What is required is for all of the Facebook groups to link under one banner “Alba for Scotland”. Now that would be a sea-change for the independence movement.

Wings over Scotland? No. The blog owner “the Rev” was a thorn in the side of the Unionist for over eight years but recently closed the most effective organ for disseminating anti- unionist propaganda in the public media and it is doubtful it will return.

All under one Banner? No, But the potential for the group to be the vehicle that drives a “campaign for independence” to victory is there, but it badly needs a home, financial probity and a leader able to marshall and inspire supporters of independence who have proved their loyalty time and again marching in all weathers and donating their hard earned money.

Were it in my power I would link Alba and All Under One Banner under a new name “Alba Under One Banner” and insist that “Alba” politicians and leaders be in the leading group at every public event. It from that entity that a leader might well emerge.

The Scottish National Party? No, The Party has lost it’s way. The “before” 2014 politicians are growing old and retiring from the fray, the fire of independence in their bellies has been extinguished.

The 2015 intake of Amazonian “wanabee” politicians promoted well beyond their capabilities by the SNP leadership are now running the show and independence is not the motivating factor that drives them politically.

They are not prepared to game the system preferring to stick with the status quo which provides them with all the taxpayer finance they need to progress their WOKE agenda to the detriment of the nation.

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Methane heavy air expelled by heavyweight Unionist farts at Westminster is destroying the only there for the money weak and ineffectual farts from Nationalist MP’s- climate change will only be achieved by radical action. Bring them home now

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Nicola Sturgeon’s Speech at the Doors of Westminster

“The SNP will be the principled opposition in this place to the Conservative government. The SNP has worked long and hard in this election to make Scotland’s voice heard. To have people in Scotland in such overwhelming numbers put their trust in us is fantastic, but also is a big responsibility. We are determined to make Scotland’s voice heard here in Westminster, but we are also determined to be that voice for progressive politics that we promised to be during the election. To stand up to policies from a Conservative government that will damage Scotland and to make common cause with others of like mind from across the UK.”

No mention of independence from a Party leader who preferred set the tone by committing the Party to the promotion of progressive politics. Whatever that meant!!!

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Beguiled by Westminster Largesse

The House of Commons is a comfortable place to be. The terrace bar, with Big Ben bonging into the night, has the best view in London: to the left, the soaring faux-gothic buttresses of the Palace of Westminster, to the right the London Eye, straight ahead a scene of double-decker buses crossing Westminster bridge. It’s like the opening scene of a Hollywood film set in London. And all around, arresting sights such as Michael Gove drinking heavily subsidised white wine and large groups of men (Tories? Maybe not…) getting in the even cheaper champagne it’s the best workplace ever. There’s a ton of bars and restaurants where MPs hang out at all times of the working day. SNP MPs have colonised the Sports and Social Club, which is where a lot of the parliamentary staff go, and which has a karaoke night. And there are always colleagues around to gossip with. People keep having conversations about “the Tories’ evil plan”, which I only belatedly realise is actually their EVEL plan.  It’s only been a couple of months, but the consensus is that the SNP MP’s are fully institutionalised and chastised where needed. Firmly in the past is the “clap-gate” incident when – instead of uttering “hear hear” at something they agreed with, as if they were 18th-century landowners – they broke into the new fangled concept: applause. The Daily Mail piped in: “Show some respect! Furious Speaker Bercow rebuked new Scots Nat’s MPs for breaking strict Commons protocol by clapping during the Queen’s Speech debate.” Portrayed by the Unionist Press as ignorant ruffians unworthy of a seat in  the Commons they now comply with all parliamentary traditions and procedures. (Carole Cadwalladr)

The Commons sews its seeds in all who enter it. In an instant raw politicians are made to feel they are no longer simply human. They are “special”.  Accompanying their large salary there is a budget for staff hire, generous allowances affording the lease or purchase of luxury accommodation in the most expensive capital city in the World, travel and subsistence and other allowances totalling well in excess of £150 annually. Head spinning stuff!!! Its beguiling influence is addictive and its destructive power has compromised many SNP MP’s who first went there in 2015.

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The Westminster trap – another view

You go there full of cocksure rebelliousness. Stupid rules – who cares about the rules. You get into fights in the playground with the older boys, and take no crap about clapping in assembly. But “Westmonster” as some SNP people call the UK Parliament, has been around a long time. It has seen off socialists like Keir Hardie – who caused outrage because he wore a deer-stalker to parliament. It dealt with Parnell’s Irish nationalists, with Suffragettes, Militant Tendency and grade-A parliamentary delinquents like our own Alex Salmond, the first MP to disrupt a Budget Speech in 1988. And it’s still there, with all its fripperies and anachronisms, like the cloak room hook to hold the Hon Member’s sword. The Palace of Westminster is a powerful institution which uses its own often archaic rules and conventions as a means of diffusing political discontent. You see it with Scotland’s MPs. Suddenly they are wearing ties and suits, speaking respectfully to Mr Speaker, agreeing not to clap and promising to be “good parliamentarians”. (Iain McWhirter)

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The Sewel Convention Con Trick

The Sewel Convention, under which Westminster supposedly refrains from ruling on devolved issues without the consent of the Scottish Parliament, is froth, mince, tripe, baloney and codswallop. It has no legal force. The clause in the 2016 Scotland Act, which supposedly placed Sewel on a “statutory footing”, was just there to fool the natives into thinking their Parliament’s powers were “entrenched” and irreversible. Holyrood’s legislative powers are clearly and explicitly on loan from Westminster and liable to be over-ridden as and when the UK Government chooses. No one will believe a word UK ministers say in future about the powers and constitutional standing of Holyrood; not that many of us did in the past. (Iain McWhirter)

English Votes for English Legislation (EVEL)

English Votes for English Legislation (EVEL) breached the fundamental principle that all members of the house are equal . Non-English MPs, by Commons convention, no longer vote on “English” bills. This means that Scottish MPs are excluded from whole areas of legislation where they are denied a vote. A change slipped through by parliamentary sleight of hand and the English Grand Committee will gradually extend its influence. But the Scottish Government opposes the change because many supposedly “English” bills on the NHS or income tax, have financial consequences for Scotland. It also means that Scottish MPs are second-class citizens. 

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Gerrymandering the Scotland Bill

Scotland’s only Tory MP and Secretary of State for Scotland, Mundell, proposed 80 technical amendments to the Scotland Bill , stating: “some are amendments in terms of the usual changing of commas and apostrophes and these sort of things. However, the bulk of them relate to technical procedures and a rearranging of previous proposals. In three cases the amendments will reserve additional powers to Westminster. Under clause 43, the Scottish Parliament will not be able to raise levies on postal operators, electricity or gas for the purpose of funding consumer advocacy.” 

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Scotland Bill: the 3rd reading at Westminster Allocated 6 hours of debate to decide on 253 amendments.

The Scotland Bill was rushed through without adequate discussion before SNP MPs parked their bums on the green benches of the House of Commons ensuring that the legislation would be on the statute books well before the next Holyrood elections. The bill  as it stands is a stitch-up and places a fiscal time bomb under Holyrood.

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SNP Welfare Improvements Rejected

Proposed amendments to the Scotland Bill submitted by the SNP giving the Scottish Parliament the power to design its own welfare system were rejected by the Unionists.  Unionist politician and Scottish Secretary Mundell insisted that the Unionist’s stance was fully in accordance with the Smith Commission’s recommendations.  The rejection came after the Unionists also voted against proposals from the SNP for an “Economic Agreement” between Westminster and Holyrood  which would eventually lead to full fiscal autonomy. They also voted against a proposal for an independent commission to examine the effects of full fiscal autonomy. Responding,  Angus Robertson MP said: “This is typical Unionist arrogance. Mundell, the only Tory MP from Scotland arrogantly refuses to listen to the representatives of the people of Scotland and supported by his Unionist colleagues vetoed without reason or explanation every single proposal submitted by the SNP.  And this at a time of savage cuts to the welfare state by Unionists causing real hurt to hard working families and vulnerable people, forcing hardship on and driving increasing numbers of Scots to food banks. Welfare powers should be transferred to Scotland honouring the spirit of the 3 Party Leaders’ Pledge to the people of Scotland  just before the Scottish Independence Referendum.”

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It is Time to Boycott Westminster

I monitored debates, discussions and voting in the House of Commons from the time the 2015 General Election landslide which returned 56 SNP MP’s. Day after day the SNP group took their places on the benches and participated in fruitless discussions and debates. Their presence in the Commons was mocked, abused and ridiculed by the Speaker and Unionist politicians who protected their vested interest by ensuring the SNP group were side-lined and rendered irrelevant. The response from the SNP contingent should be to withdraw participation from all business of the Commons including committees. This should be done while retaining all rights and privileges (office, travel subsistence, staff, etc) the right of MP’s.  The boycott of the House of Commons would enable SNP MP’s to spend more time in Westminster resolving their constituents problems and concerns. The foregoing could be implemented without any financial detriment to the Westminster SNP group. Political business between Scotland and Westminster would then be completed through the offices of the Scottish First Minister (advised by the MP group), who would be permitted permanent use of a committee room at Holyrood.



The Smith Commission

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Devolution powers shelved at the last minute from Smith Commission report

New powers were formally committed to in the heavily promoted Unionist “Vow” made in the last few days before the 2014 independence referendum.

The Smith Commission Panel subsequently agreed to a full devolution of abortion law, the creation of a separate Scottish Health & Safety Executive, lotteries, asylum and a much greater say in the governance of the BBC.

Devolution of income tax personal allowances, bands and rates, employers’ National Insurance contributions, inheritance tax, the power to create new taxes without Treasury approval and a raft of other taxes were also agreed.

But all of the foregoing changes were axed, in the final day, at the instigation of Unionist parties, without explanation.

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So what happened?

There were nine cross-party meetings over seven weeks prior to the publication of a agreed draft of “Heads of Agreement” proposals on 21 November 2014.

It was later confirmed that Commission panel members of Unionist persuasion, MSP members of political parties incorporated in Scotland and allegedly independent of Westminster were frequently on the phone taking instructions from their UK party leaders in London, with the LibDems and Tories particularly exercised about welfare proposals and Labour more focused on tax.

The Commission chairman, Lord Smith of Kelvin, also gave impression he added weight to the views of the three main Westminster parties over panel members.

A source said: “The position that Lord Smith took was that if the parties who were either in the current UK government or might be in the next refused to budge on something, he went with it. The Unionist votes counted for more.”

The BBC inadvertently revealed that the draft version of the agreement included late proposals submitted by the Scottish lib/Dem leader, to devolve power to vary Universal Credit a key plank of the Westminster Coalition government welfare reform. But the commitment to permit the Scottish government to vary its components were dropped after the UK Cabinet was informed.

Universal Credit is supposed to merge Jobseeker’s Allowance, Housing Benefit, Income Support, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, and Employment and Support Allowance. Only a power to vary the housing cost element remained.

The decision to devolve abortion policy had been agreed on a 4-1 basis, with only Labour opposed to it. In the draft version of the report dated 11.15am on November 26 – the final day of negotiations – stated: “Powers over abortion will be devolved to the Scottish Parliament.” But throughout that same day, Labour kept pushing its opposition in one-to-one meetings with Lord Smith, who then raised it again with the other parties. The Tory members then sided with Labour and the commitment to devolve abortion was removed.

Patrick Harvie, co-convener of the Scottish Greens, who sat on the Commission, said: “The reaction against devolving abortion in the final few days surprised and disappointed me. Concerns that Scotland would do the wrong thing and undermine women’s rights are misplaced. The real threat to women’s reproductive rights comes from the voice we hear at Westminster.”

The draft also stated: “Power to establish a separate Scottish Health & Safety Executive to set enforcement priorities, goals and objectives in Scotland will be devolved to the Scottish Parliament. The body would be required to operate within the reserved UK health & safety framework but would assess, set and achieve the health and safety objectives of most relevance and importance to Scotland.”

The policy, long supported by Labour and the trade union movement in Scotland was struck out and relegated to the “additional issues” annex of the final report, which said the Scottish and UK governments should merely “consider” changes.

Also included was an agreement that: “The power to permit the creation and regulation of new lotteries in Scotland will be devolved to the Scottish Parliament.”

But the final report devolved only the power to “prevent the proliferation” of highly addictive gaming machines known as fixed-odds betting terminals.

Also missing from the final draft was a statement that had said: “There will be greater Scottish involvement in BBC governance beyond the current right to have one Trust member and the current Audience Council Scotland.”

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And a year later

SNP’s leader in the Commons, Angus Robertson, asked David Cameron about “The Vow”, stating:

“One year ago today, to the day, the Prime Minister made a “Vow” to the people of Scotland. Promises were made to deliver Home Rule and as-near-to-federalism-as-possible.

However, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown now says that the UK Government is, and I quote, “falling short on the delivery of the recommendations of the Smith Commission on Scottish devolution”. When will the Prime Minister deliver on the promises that he made to the people of Scotland?

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