A Briefing for the Serious Followers of Scottish Politics – Final Part – Overt British Secret Services in Scotland – Gathered under the Auspices of Baroness Smith – Add in the Coverts from the previous articles – Could Someone Good at Graphics Draw a Picture Showing Baroness Smith as the Spider at the Centre of Her Web?

The John Smith Trust (JST) – The sales pitch The Trust runs intensive, four-week Fellowship Programmes twice a year in the UK for emerging leaders from 12 countries of the former Soviet Union. The Programmes are built around three pillars – unique insight into UK institutions, personalized meetings and leadership skills development – which together offer […]

George Robertson – the Labour Party visionary walks on water – those who mocked now come to worship him

George Robertson, (Baron of Port Ellen) In 1995, when Scottish nationalism began to find increasing favour with Scots as their preferred choice of government Robertson, then Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland said: “let them have their way. Devolution now entrenches the Scottish parliament in the UK’s unwritten constitution, power devolved from Westminster is power […]

New Labour corruptly embraced State Capture and screwed the Nation

What is State Capture? Transparency International, the anti-corruption watchdog, defines it as: “a situation where powerful individuals, institutions, companies or groups within or outside a country use corruption to shape a nation’s policies, legal environment and economy to benefit their own private interests”. An online search of ex-New Labour ministers career choices after moving on […]