Sturgeon Census Changes Will Ruin the Wedding Industry in Scotland as Scotsmen abandon Wearing the Kilt Fearing Catcalls Such as “Doris Where’s your Troosers.” Andy Stewart Will be Birrlin’ in his Grave!!!

The Scottish Census It is imperative that social scientists, economists, planners and society are in possession of accurate data so that they are able to ensure males and females are provided with the support they need to live their daily lives. To facilitate this the Scottish public, under the guidance of its coalition government, led […]

The Early Days of Sturgeon’s Political Career Revealed Her Ruthless Ambition to Lead the SNP Regardless of Friendship or Loyalty

Sturgeon – 1986-2010 1986: Just 17 years old and wet behind the ears a youthful Nicola Sturgeon joined the SNP and soon got stuck into political arguments with politicians many years her senior and electioneering with gusto. Her speedy acceptance as a budding politician of note was quite remarkable given her attention was also taken […]