New Labour Zionists Back in Control – No Place for Scottish Lefties Under Ian “Benito” Murray



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The Rise of New Labour

The demise of Corbyn and a return to power of the Zionist supporting “New Labour” brings with it an opportunity to bring the Scottish Branch to heel.

And in this respect, the Party has Ian Murray “champing at the bit” ready to “clear out” any party officer refusing to commit to total adherence to the Unionist policies espoused by the English based leadership.

But Murray is no longer a “one-man-band” he is backed by a phoney Zionist organisation, operating out of Glasgow University, ably led by Baroness Smith, one of MI5s’ finest agents.”

In favour due to bragging rights that, as the MP for Edinburgh South, Murray has earned political plaudits as the single beacon of light for the Labour Party in Scotland.

His record as a constituency MP is well testified, but the same could be said of the politician Murray most admired, “The Beast of Bolsover”, Dennis Skinner who was rejected by voters and retired from politics.




Nigel Griffiths Constituency Office



Nigel Griffiths – MP for Edinburgh South 1997-2010

Griffiths was blessed with a similar level of support by his constituents but was forced to resign his position after four complaints against his conduct were upheld by the Parliamentary Commissioner for standards who had been called in to investigate after Griffiths failed to declare that he owned an office for which he had been claiming expenses.

She also upheld complaints that Griffiths had used his constituency office for party political purposes without informing the Fees Office and that he had failed to reimburse the Fees Office.

The complaints followed revelations he had claimed office allowances of £10,000 a year (£130k) since 1997 for a constituency office in Edinburgh which he had bought outright.

He further received several thousand pounds from Edinburgh South’s Scottish Parliament member Angus MacKay for subletting part of his constituency office.

Pete Wishart, the SNP’s chief whip at Westminster, said:

“He has been found guilty by the Independent Standards Commissioner of misusing House of Commons allowances and diverting public money into New Labour Party politics. He should offer his immediate resignation as a minister, as this report shows he is unfit to hold ministerial office. If he will not resign then Tony Blair should sack him. Griffiths made no effort to disclose any of his wrongdoing, or rectify any of his abuse of public funds until forced to do so under media and SNP pressure.”

Mr Griffiths apologized for failing to inform the Fees Office and repaid over £31,000. He stood down before the 2010 GE.

Murray retained the office when he took on the role of MP for the constituency, presumably paying £10k annual rent to his erstwhile colleague. Nice one Nigel!!






Murray the Politician

A look back at the conduct of his electioneering campaigns reveals a “no holds barred” approach. Any weakness in the personal or political background of his opponents is fair game to him. His own failing is that he believes himself to be a well-regarded statesman for which the rules of conduct for the common man are not applicable.

He is also well versed in the art of presenting political lies as fact attacking anyone confronting him with the truth.

As an example: his cynical exploitation of the poor and Zero-hours contracts.

A law for others and an opt-out for Ian Murray.



In conversation with… Ian Murray MP – LabourList



January 2015: Ian Murray Labour MP for Edinburgh South – We Need Urgent Action to Tackle Exploitative Zero-Hours Contracts

Many people across the UK face the fear of insecurity in their employment, and zero-hours contracts have come to define that fear in recent years.

Under the Tory-led government, we have seen a rising tide of insecurity – the number of people feeling insecure at work has almost doubled in the past three years, from 6.5 million to 12 million.

On top of that, people are already earning £1,600 less a year on average than they were in 2010: working just as hard, but for less, hit by the cost-of-living crisis.

So whilst a few at the top are doing well, everyone else is getting left further and further behind. There are 1.3 million people working part-time because they are unable to find full-time work.

Labour is clear that we will outlaw zero-hours contracts. While there are some employees – students, for example – who would welcome the flexibility which they offer, zero-hours contracts have gone from being a marginal, niche concept to becoming the norm for too many people across Britain – It is estimated earlier this year that there are 1.4 million zero-hours contracts in Britain, while as recently as last year the government was still claiming that there were just 200,000.

The Tory-led government has been dragged kicking and screaming to acknowledge that zero-hours contracts are an issue which needs to be looked at.

First, Ministers denied that they were a problem at all and then due to further pressure from Labour, trade unions and charities, they instigated a half-hearted review.

We’ve had to persistently push them to recognize the impact these contracts were having on peoples’ lives.

They’ve now brought forward changes which will stop employers from insisting that those on zero-hours contracts are available for work even when there is no guarantee of any work. We welcome that change but it just doesn’t go far enough.

Yet this does nothing to prevent most of the problems experienced by those on zero-hours contracts. What about people expected to be available for hours on end with no guarantee of work? What about the insecurity of having your shift cancelled without notice? And what about those working regular hours in practice but kept on zero-hours contracts under the threat of being ‘zeroed out’?

The Tory government has the opportunity to match Labour’s plans to end the exploitation of zero-hours contracts. But they have so far failed to come close to our commitments. If they won’t support our plans, it will fall to the next Labour government to take action to tackle the exploitative use of zero-hour contracts


Labour's Ian Murray gets antisemitic abuse for having Jewish ...



April 2015: If zero-hours contracts are so bad, how come 68 Labour MPs Employ Staff on Them?

The Labour Party leader blasted David Cameron and big business over zero-hours contracts – and pledged to stick up for ordinary workers who are being “exploited.”

Speaking in Yorkshire, the Labour leader raged:

“Less than a week ago, you may have heard the Prime Minister say that he couldn’t live on a zero-hours contract. Well, I couldn’t live on a zero-hours contract either.

I’ve got a simple principle – if it is not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for you and it’s not good enough for Britain. “That’s the way I will run our country. One rule for all.”

But there was one small problem for Ed.

It was revealed by the pay and expenses watchdog IPSA that a large number of Labour MPs employed workers on “zero-hours” contracts.

A damning list of 68 (nearly a quarter of the Labour parliamentary party) included Ed Balls, Lucy Powell, Karen Buck, and Ian Murray.

Labour insisted their MPs only used casual contracts to hire interns or students on flexible deals.

But Steve Turner, Unite regional officer, said last year: “Parliament passed the laws that are supposed to protect pay and conditions. Our MPs ought to be upholding them, setting a high standard for employers.”


Scotland's only Labour MP confirms bid to stand for deputy leader ...




November 2014: Commons Debate – Zero Hours Contracts Bill – Second Reading

Ian Murray (Edinburgh South) (Lab) contributed to the debate stating: “Although unemployment has gone down in this country, the tax-take to the Treasury from income tax has stayed flat, despite the Treasury predicting a huge increase. That shows that we have under-employment and a massive explosion in zero-hours contracts.” Double standards Mr Murray. You are guilty as charged employing staff on zero-hours contracts yourself.

Philip Davies (Shipley) (Con) challenged Ian Murray saying: “To be perfectly honest, I must say, and we need to get this on the record before the clock counts us out, that it is a bit rich for the Labour party to come here en masse to pretend that they are massively opposed to zero-hours contracts when it appears that some of the worst offenders are not only Labour councils, but Labour MPs.




Murray the Statesman Seeks a Higher Office

Believing he is loved by a majority of the membership he campaigned unsuccessfully for the Deputy leadership of the Party.

Black Labour MPs criticized his sponsored Facebook advert addressed to to “Labour’s women” for a glaring omission.

The advert titled “my pledges to Labour’s women” featured nine ‘Labour women’ – but apart from a purple tint to the centre line, all the women shown are white:


Ian Murray MP



Labour Party supporters commented

brianbotou: On Sunday I attended the deputy Labour Party hustings at Dudley. I listened to Murray trot out his usual spiel about not allowing MPs to be hounded out of the party because of antisemitismHow he would not allow the scourge of it to affect the party again.
Whilst, of course, telling the spokesperson for people on zero-hours contracts how much he sympathized with them because he had a similar job during the holiday vacation at university.

Forgetting, of course, all the people who were hounded out of the Labour Party on fabricated antisemitism accusations or Gordon Browns famous boast whilst chancellor of the exchequer of, “our wonderful flexible workforce “. Oh, the irony.

His spiel was almost a carbon copy speech from the Progress leader, Nathan Yeowell. So much for original thought. With Keir and him running shotgun, the Labour Party won’t have much original thought from these pair, if they win.


Joseph Okeefe: Murray doesn’t get out often and hasn’t noticed that the world has changed and so has the Labour party.
Labour is the most Anti-racist party in Europe and he hasn’t noticed himself being a right-wing parasite like most of the Parliamentary Labour Party.
The world for most of his type is painted with a white border and Labour is little more than a flag of convenience for a trough feeder on the backs of the working class of all colours and none.
labrebisgalloise: The problem with these women is that they are right-wing closet and not so closet Blairite-Starmerites, the big problem with Murray is that he is not just right-wing but that he also crawled out from under a stone without pausing to wipe off the slime. That’s the problem. Skwawkbox

Wings Over Scotland | We need to talk about Ian



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  1. They are going to have a new lockerbie appeal online so no real evidence can be shown. The fix will be not enough evidence to convict the libyan but libyan government did it. Therefore, the libyan frozen asets of about 100 billion assets can be stolen. The real reason and the RHUM oil owned by iran in scotland, protected by SHELL, can continue. Scotland can not have their own oil company. Remrmber, Scot lives dont matter but BLACK lives do..


    1. The wanton destruction of Libya was instigated by President Obama and implemented by by NATO forces with one thing in mind. To asset strip the country purloining its financial wealth. Trillions of petro dollars have disappeared from Libyan bank accounts held in trust by the Western allies into the coffers of already bloated Zionists.
      The Lockerbie scandal will confirm Libyan involvement in the bombing justifying the murder of Ghadafi and his family. Another feather in the cap of the British secret services.


  2. Good to see you back and as usual taking no prisoners, if only the msm could produce articles like this ,then maybe they could win back readers and viewers.By
    But as the man said, you can’t expect msm “journalists”to tell truths when their very employment depends on the opposite.


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