In 2014 Many Campaigners For Independence Warned That Rejection of Independence Would Result in the Imposition of a Dystopian Future on Scots – Thanks Mainly Due to Near 400,000 English Voters Resident in Scotland That Omen is Fulfilled




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Message for Dominic Cummings and the dystopian Tory Government – As did Rasputin, your end will see you on the bottom of the River Neva in chains.


Two of the most important blogs posted by myself. A must-read


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The Endless Attrition of Whitehall Civil Service

The Whitehall Civil Service model is being replaced by a system of ‘New Political Governance’ (NPG) centred on:

1. Politicized campaigning.

2. The burgeoning growth of political advisory staff relative to the permanent civil service.

3. The personalization of bureaucratic appointments.

4. The creation of a government machine that is ‘promiscuously partisan’.

Institutional changes are rapidly unfolding at a critical time, as Whitehall prepares to support Tory Ministers in carrying out the Brexit process while addressing a series of long-term structural challenges from the demographic pressures of an ageing society and the impact of climate change.

The Tory Government imposition of Austerity since 2010 has had a further transformative effect on Whitehall, with drastic reductions in the civil service workforce, the restructuring of government agencies, and a reconfiguration of the traditional roles and responsibilities of the permanent civil service. (The End of Whitehall? Patrick Diamond)


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Jan. 2020: Baldrick Cummings launches blistering attack on meddling civil service hellbent on thwarting Brexit

At a meeting for ministerial advisers in Downing Street, Johnson’s strategy chief accused some mandarins of failing to grasp the Government’s vision of a clean break from the EU.

Cummings, who previously masterminded the Vote Leave referendum campaign, delivered his tirade at the regular Friday meeting for ministerial special advisers. He told them:

“The Government won the election on a very clear vision of our future relationship with the EU. But the process of setting up a new “Task Force Europe” under the Prime Minister’s chief Brexit negotiator David Frost has revealed resistance to a full break with Brussels among some pockets of Whitehall. It is clear from the discussions that certain members of the team have been having that not every part of the Government has fully absorbed that vision of our future relationship with the EU. Civil servants have to accept that the UK’s transition out of EU regulations, due to end on December 31, will not be extended. The Government will push for “a normal, third-country relationship-based, if possible, on a Canada-style free trade agreement”. The UK will leave the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union and will not align with Brussels regulations after Brexit.” (Express)


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Number of SpAds passes 100 under Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has expanded the government’s team of taxpayer-funded special advisers, with some being paid more than £100,000 a year.

Lee Cain, the director of communications, Sir Eddie Lister, the chief strategic adviser, and Munira Mirza, the director of the No 10 policy unit and co-author of the Tories’ 2019 election manifesto, are listed as the top earners, with a further four earning between £120,000 and £129,999.

Dominic Cummings, the chief special adviser to the prime minister, is paid between £95,000 and £99,999, according to details published in the Government’s annual report on special advisers.

The list shows staffing has increased from 99 full-time-equivalent employees under Theresa May to 108 under Johnson.

The prime minister’s personal advisory team has also expanded, with 44 members of staff now in place compared with May’s 37.

The total cost for SpAd staffing was £9.6m in the period from 1 April 2018 and 31 March this year, compared with £8.9m in the previous 12 months.

A government spokesman said: “Special advisers help ensure the government delivers on its election promises to the public like investing in the NHS and getting Brexit done. They protect the integrity and impartiality of the civil service by clearly separating out the provision of political advice to ministers. Opposition political parties receive almost £11m in taxpayer funding from Short Money and Cranborne Money in 2018-19.”

The total annual cost to the taxpayers is around £30m. (PoliticsHome)