Britain and the Zionist’s Established Israel in 1948 – Seventy Years Later the Palestinians Are Still Denied a Homeland – The Toothless UN is a True Copy of the Failed League of Nations – What next??

          Only Britain Could Lose the Peace The British Army controlled Palestine and Transjordan between 1918-1920 then passed control to the British civil authorities. The first high commissioner, Sir Herbert Samuel, was Jewish, a Zionist and a close friend of Weizmann’s. At the end of a two year fruitless debate over […]

Are These Guy For Real?? Surely Not!!!!

              The Weapon of Mass Migration – The US War on Europe – Open Gates: Coerced collective suicide of European nations Artificial mass migration as imperial policy has a long history, and the current mass migration into Europe is the brain child of US military grand strategist Thomas P.M. […]