The 1707 Act of Vandalism is not fit for purpose and should be binned without further delay




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Massacre of the Macdonalds at Glencoe




Events that break the political union

The discredited Westminster political system of government is close to collapse and its welcome termination might be closer than the pundits would have you believe.

The press is increasingly headlining that a huge majority of little Englanders would be happy to let Scotland leave the alliance if it would provide a certainty of a successful Brexit for England, without the frills of remaining in the EU market.


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Westminster’s House of Lords to rewrite the 1706 Act of Union

More pressure on the unsustainable union. Today, the little known  “Constitutional Reform Group” introduced a “Union Reform” bill to the House of Lords (with the support of a number of peers) , the content of which, if approved: “would re-balance and stabilize the constitutional relationships between the four nations of the United Kingdom”.

No input from the majority of Scots whose preference is to close the entire edifice down. It is no longer fit for purpose.


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 Hamish McPherson – Scottish Historical Storyteller  and the “Act of Union”

Today, the best newspaper in Scotland, the “National” carried a historical record of the “Massacre of Glencoe”  written up by Hamish.

The murder of near one hundred Macdonald men, women and children by English “redcoats”  was yet another betrayal of trust by English military occupation forces who were jubilant in their celebrations destroying a large rebel force.

Hamish wrote: “Political machinations in Britain were now aimed at securing a Protestant heir for Queen Anne who had ascended to the throne after King William fell off his horse and died in 1702.

Anne herself was one of the main driving forces behind the movement for a union between Scotland and England and her principle motive was clearly the need for a Protestant heir, namely her cousin Sophia, the Electress of Hanover.

The real claimant to the throne, James Francis Edward Stuart had to be excluded. Hence the sentences, at the beginning of the “Act of Union” that:

“all Papists and persons marrying Papists shall be excluded from and forever incapable to inherit, possess or enjoy the Imperial Crown.”

“Why any Catholic supports such a union is beyond me.”


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Tony Blair – Prime Minister at any cost

Blair married a catholic girl and committed  under oath, to raise his children in the catholic faith.

A man forced by political necessity to observe the teaching of two widely different religious bodies. One of them in secret.

As a practicing catholic he would not be appointed to the highest political office of Prime Minister since the politically active bishops of the “Church of England” that sit in and vote in the House of Lords are recommended to the Queen by the Prime Minister and no catholic would ever be given authority over an Episcopalian Bishop.

So Tony swallowed his pride and denied his true faith witnessed by his acceptance into the Church of Rome by the Pope in a private ceremony in the Vatican a few days after he left office. The tribulations of politics.!!


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Queen Anne



Conclusion: The Act of Union, in its present form denies the human rights of Catholics in Scotland, to equality under the law and should be referred to the European Court so that it can be removed from statute.