plausible-paranoia-how-westminster-hoodwinked-the-scots-in-1707-and-2014-and-their-preparedness-to-do-so-again-part-8- The Aftermath of the Referendum

            Sep 2014: Tomkins and Goldie – Addressing the the Strathclyde proposals A letter from Tomkins and Tory constitution spokeswoman Annabel Goldie MSP stated: “We stand by the recommendations and analysis of the Strathclyde Commission. We regard its recommendations as a starting point for further discussion – as a floorContinue reading “plausible-paranoia-how-westminster-hoodwinked-the-scots-in-1707-and-2014-and-their-preparedness-to-do-so-again-part-8- The Aftermath of the Referendum”