plausible-paranoia-how-westminster-hoodwinked-the-scots-in-1707-and-2014-and-their-preparedness-to-do-so-again-part-5-Davidson and Tomkins Surface

    Fulton and Cameron  (Thatchers cronies)     Sep 2011: Davidson and Fraser Slugging match The loss of Annabel Goldie, to the “House of Lords” created a leadership vacancy and the application of Murdo Fraser, supported by a majority of Scottish Tory Party members and officials and Ruth Davidson, the hopelessly inexperienced choice of […]

Plausible Paranoia – How Westminster hoodwinked the Scots in 1707 and 2014 and their Preparedness to Do So Again – Part 4 – Tories in Complete Meltdown

          May 2008: Increasing Nationalist support in Scotland alerts and alarms Westminster and the US. The Labour Party in Scotland was in meltdown and it was entirely possible a majority SNP government would be in place in 2011 which would bring with it calls for Scottish independence and a referendum. There […]