Ten Days Before the 2014 Independence Referendum – Polls consistently Showing Yes Vote in Front – But Ruth Davidson Knew Better – The Outcome is Decided – It Will Be 55/45 in Favour of No!!!

    13 September 2015: Tom Gordon, Scottish Political Editor of the Sunday Herald – The Willie Rennie Interview Listening to Willie Rennie recall the Better Together campaign is like eavesdropping on a therapy session as he wrestles with a half-buried trauma. The misery simply pours out of him. The No side was “shambolic in […]

Boris Johnson Avoids Heathrow Runway Vote to Commit More UK Soldiers to the Killing Fields of Afghanistan – But Past Events Do Not Encourage the Deployment. of Our Young Men and Women

        15 Feb 2008: Poor equipment kills British soldier The first casualty of Britain’s deployment in Helmand was Captain James Phillipson, who died in June 2006 when rescuing ambushed colleagues. The ministry of defence admitted he lacked “mission essential equipment”, like night-vision goggles. Today a coroner damningly concluded that Captain James Phillipson […]